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View Poll Results: Should Roy resign?

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  • Yes - Time to go

    58 31.35%
  • No - He deserves to lead us at Euro 2016

    127 68.65%
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Thread: Should Roy Resign?

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    Messi also picked Mascharano

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    Quote Originally Posted by zuko View Post
    Messi also picked Mascharano
    Messi and Ronaldo didn't pick each other.

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    Yep time for him to go, but is this a surprise to anyone?
    It was just one of those things....

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    Its mates voting for mates. Non story. Move on.
    Bored with playground politics :yawnsmilie:

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    The actual votes were

    Ronaldo 32
    Messi 29
    Neurer 25
    Dave 12
    Diagouraga 09
    Toumani 07
    Toums 05

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  7. I'd bring in Eileen Drewery with Steve Claridge as her football adviser.
    Add Russell Grant as fitness trainer and Sally Morgan as chief medic with her lovely husband John to look after motivation.
    Any sign of Theo looking a bit out of sorts and John can buck him up by informing him that one day "he's gonna be lifted and disappear somewhere."
    Traditional practices suited to the modern day.
    Is Bence playing today?

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    Yes, time to go Roy.

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