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    European Super League

    If the new Super League plays games outside of Europe it could lead to massive revenues for the clubs. Not interested myself but fans in Jakarta, Beijing, Seoul etc would love it. On this basis it cannot be ruled out.
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    Information on Refunds for Season Ticket Holders

    No email here either
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    Rochdale Superfan

    What a wonderful man.
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    Government Review Into Betting Laws

    How would a ban on gambling sponsorship affect Brentford. There is an article in the Sunday Times today indicating restrictions are likely, though not this year.
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    R I P - Jack Shill

    Rest in Peace
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    Romaine Sawyers

    0-4. Not looking good for Baggies
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    Romaine Sawyers

    Just scored an incredible 30-yard own goal playing against Leeds. Back pass to goalie went badly wrong
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    Sunderland AFC
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    RIP - Gary Harwood

    Rest in peace.
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    League Cup QF Newcastle (H) Dec 22nd 5:30pm KO

    The Daily Telegraph is reporting today of a mass outbreak of Coronavirus among the Newcastle squad. Even if they recover, surely affected players will be below par?
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    New Car Parks for the New Stadium

    If you look at apps where locals are letting out their drive for parking today near LR there is a range from 3 pounds to 16 pounds. 12 a bit toppy but paid 7 in Bristol, 7 in Barnsley in the last year. So not bad.
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    Lou Macari

    Just watching it. Great film.
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    Why not have an auction, like there was for the Griffin Park tat. Would bid 75 pounds for the Newcastle Carabao Cup game, 5 for Boro in the FA cup.
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    Malware attacks

    Manchester United computer systems have been hacked. There is speculation that ransomware is involved. Hopefully Brentford FC systems have effective security measures.
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    Stoke City beam back to Lionel Road

    Pricing ok as far as I am concerned, but tier-2 rules mean I will sit on my own, which I might as well do from home.
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