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    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Have to say (without evidence) I always thought Tindall was a mistake - there's something a bit too 'Poole Marina, ankle bracelet and thong' about him, for my liking.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    In all my reading other fans's forums on match days, I don't think I've read anything from a poster who 'gets it' quite as well as this - summed up briefly and brilliantly, why we're so consistently good and why so many other 'bigger' clubs are consistently not; Hardly a surprise. Brentford are...
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    Bees vs Oldham updates. 2-1 Loss final score

    Err…some folk are always complaining about hoofball, well now we’ve got a centre-back who can (hopefully) play the ball out of defence. Which, for all their good points, Ozzy and Legge can’t. The glass is half full, until I find out differently.
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    Marlon King

    Have to say, I'd rather we were in the conference than have a reptile like King wear our stripes. Also, on the subject of Kings's wife, and to paraphrase the famous Mrs. Merton question, "why do you continue to support the millionaire Marlon King?"
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