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    Wasn’t aware of this but 10 years ago we were league 1 and so were Southampton a lot changes in 10 years and my money is on Tyson every time.
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    Fury is the better boxer and won’t let Joshua get close enough for his upper cut. Fury went and done Klitschko in his own back yard, Joshua waited until he was past it and still struggled at Wembley.
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    Emiliano Marcondes - Signs to June 2021

    Think he will be staying in Mr Franks room during away games, the way they were hugging!!
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    Final Score Bees 0 - 0 WRDC

    Boring boring Brentford
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    New Stadium: Brightness Levels

    Was in row 20 of north stand. This was a good view and l did notice how bright the lights were. Must of affected a couple of oldies behind me, who were calling the players the wrong names and thought Pontus came on at half time. I thought these people would be left behind at GP, wishful thinking...
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    To take Rico off is always silly but when you’ve already taken Sergi off and Tariq hasn’t got going down the same side you are asking for trouble. He got what he deserved today - he must learn from this!
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    That’s what I thought but has definitely happened!
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    So my dad got one I didn’t like i said earlier missed a season ticket in 13/14 season. Surely he shouldn’t be able to buy for his mate who lives more than 10 miles away and be able to sit with him? As that is what this system is allowing him to do!
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    Strange that my dad has one and I don’t? Tickets registered at same address I missed 1 year since 2004, the trotta penalty year as a season ticket holder!
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    Vitaly Janelt - Signs to June 2024

    Will be interesting to see if when CN is back this kid keeps his place. Could see CN playing a bit further forward especially against the better teams.
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    Expectations for Season 20/21

    Have a feeling we probably would of kept them if the 5 sub rule was there from the start.
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    Post Match Thread Wycombe 0-0 Brentford

    We are becoming very boring to watch and I find myself now having the game on but not really watching. We’ve lost our spark and I really can’t see how we will get it back. Lucky January isn’t far away hopefully some pace and strength in the wide positions is incoming.
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    Final Score Wycombe 0 - 0 Bees

    We seem so much slower in attack SB was hardly quick either. Midfield and attack have lost there spark we need to add some pace and power out wide.
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    Random spotting of ex-players . . .

    King Kev in Sainsbury’s couple years back. Sam Saunders a few weeks back sitting just along from him in a restaurant in Staines. Misses would not allow me to sing the song though!!
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