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    Today my "other team" will be.....

    Norwich, then tomorrow we can hopefully start to open the gap between automatic and play offs
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    The Run-In: Other Clubs

    Stoke 15/2 to make my night a happy one
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    Bees v Boro Reports and Reaction

    I remember when no team had ever lost if they got "the lucky changing room" ....We managed to change that !.....I may just have to stick a couple of quid on Jota scoring in the last minute :sorted:
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    Tickets for away leg v Middlesboro'

    That`s plenty of time mate ,just listen to the traffic news before you set off
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    Tickets for away leg v Middlesboro'

    From Essex can be a right pain on a Friday but if you leave early enough then that`s the most logical way as long as the m27 /A1 are accident free,if not then get on the M25 anti clockwise and go for the M1 that`s not normally too bad until the school run hits
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    Tickets for away leg v Middlesboro'

    I drive from Gatwick - Sheffield -Gatwick every night it usually takes me 4 hours going up ( I`m limited 56mph) I usually go via the M1. The roadworks are between j15-j19 and j28-j32,...if there`s no bad accidents it`s not a bad drive , but if you go this way don`t go over 52mph between j28-j32...
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    Wigan Enter Bid for Forshaw

    Really? and you know that for a fact do you?
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    Wigan Enter Bid for Forshaw

    None of us know what has actually been said between Warbs and Adam, yet so many people seem to have already made their minds up that AF is acting up and being disruptive etc, I haven`t read a single official comment from Warbs where he has intimated that this is indeed the case, so I don`t...
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    Transfer Activity Season 2014 / 2015

    We`d better not sign him as I think he`d cause too much dissent in the dressing room with his ego:D
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    Ticket touting

    Done.....I can shift 150 of them via my contacts in the Midlandslol
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    Ticket touting

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    Brentford v Wolves - ALL TICKET (22/2/14)

    Yeah,that`s what`s happened with me, I wouldn`t have a problem with being last on the "pecking order" for tickets as the club does have me on the data base...was going to bring a chelski mate along as I`ve taken his boy to a couple of games this season and judged this would be a good game to try...
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