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    Euro 2020 Finals tickets

    I still have tickets for the quarter final in Rome who are letting in 25-33% capacity. If I keep the tickets and am selected to actually get a seat in any ballot, I would have to obey international travel rules to get to and Rome to attend the game - at the moment this involves 5 days quarantine...
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    European Super League

    The comparison with Kerry Packer is interesting. I think the difference is that there as a fair degree of motivation from the players involved on that occasion. Even top cricketers weren't paid a decent wage at the time (per Wikipedia " the widespread view that players were not paid sufficient...
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    Tyrick Mitchell

    I also didn't know he was an ex-Bee. Anyone playing FPL will probably have heard of him as he was a cheap player who has got to play pretty regularly this season. Helped by a timely injury or two to van Aanholt I think, and indirectly helped by Nathan Ferguson who was signed by Palace last...
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    NEWS 2021 Championship Play Off Dates

    You reckon? That was not what happened last season All confirmed a full month before the season ended. I couldn't remember whether they were coded A and B last time too but it appears not. The lack of any...
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    NEWS 2021 Championship Play Off Dates

    Do we know which finishing positions are fixture A and which are B? I seem to remember this was confirmed in advance last year, but no explicit mention of it on this announcement. Not that we have any certainty which position we'll be finishing in, yet!
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    "Thank You For Your Support" Email

    Saturday away games not on iFollow due to Sky? Birmingham (lost) Coventry (lost) Blackburn (won) Huddersfield (drew) Half way there...
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    "Thank You For Your Support" Email

    If you read the small print on the email, many/most/all season ticket holders have been treated equally at least in respect of the packaged games. I did not buy or watch Millwall away and i always use Sky or red button in preference to paying £10 for away games so I'd thought there are some...
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    Watford vs Reading: preferred outcome?

    Five thirty eight give us a 14% chance of overhauling Watford and a 1% (possibly <1%) chance of not making the play offs. Away win, please. Those percentages would both increase as a result, but I'll take that. Post #21 explains why goal difference is not a certainty for Watford and therefore...
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    Euro 2020 Finals tickets

    Someone mentioned elsewhere about the foolishness of the Europe-wide idea, even pre-pandemic. I'm not sure about that. I think it was considered a pragmatic solution back in 2012 - after the last recession and with the tournament now being 24 teams (a bigger foolish decision perhaps), only...
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    Euro 2020 Finals tickets

    if it's like the snooker - which I had tickets for until 2 hours ago - they will ask who wants a refund /volunteers not to attend, sometimes multiple offers, and then there'll be a ballot of everyone else. whether they can bias it partly or entirely towards the more expensive tickets, I'm not...
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    Feature on Artificial Crowd Noise

    Interesting - Probably worth taking to a club related forum to be honest.
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    Dean Smith

    9th in the PL as of early April. I never thought he'd last at Villa, he is doing well especially given where they were when he took over. Iffy form since early February though - no wins in March, but beat Fulham at the weekend. Coinciding with a certain key midfielder's absence. It will be...
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    Feature on Artificial Crowd Noise

    Yes and iPlayer also means you re suddenly 30-40 seconds behind real time. Not really a fair comparison.
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    Expectations for Season 20/21

    I hate to make the comparison but I remember what the Fulham fans were saying on their board after we won at the Cottage back in June and then they got spanked by Leeds, there were seven games to go. * Manager and team had run out of ideas * A feeble looking end to a season where there was hope...
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    Final Score Bees 0 - 0 Birmingham

    Thanks all. Just learned something new...
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