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    MOM v Cardiff C. (home) 20/4/21

    Fosu by a country mile
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    Bryan Mbeumo - Signs to June 2024

    Fantastic today. Maybe more so for his defensive work! Soo pleased for him
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    Luka Racic - Signs to June 2023

    Excellent news. I hope this young man fulfils his potential at the Bees
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    Billericay Town FC New Owner

    Being in 'the parish' impressed on a wider level what my local club are doing both with Junior and Ladies team and supporting the community. Excellent 'walking football' set up for example. Looking forward to next season and get down to my local non league club
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    And Thomas moves on another level. May I tip my 🎩 twice
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    Charlie Macdonald

    Absolutely excellent today. Charlie and Mick as a double act were very informative . I understand Charlie is very involved with a non league club? Maybe their season is finished so hopefully we hear Charlie on ifollow
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    MOM v Stoke (home) 27/2/21

    Maybe an exception here. Bryan has frustrated me for being too 'lightweight' yet that second half I thought he gave more than he did on Wednesday. So my choice is Bryan
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    Congratulations to Thomas. Challenge met and a great 3 - 0 win and all is good Yes, indeed very good. In the build up left with the feeling of who were the last standing men who could play. No mention of Marcondes. Top, top job Mr Frank. I tip my 🎩
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    RIP Fife Bee

    So sorry for your loss @Silly Hat Horrible diease. RIP Ian
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    Rolling average of the previous ten games.
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    B team fixtures

    It would be good to see Paris get a run out. More minutes also for Gustav too I hope. A fine balance to have Mads Bidstrup with the first team or getting game time. Where will Lewis Gordon appear? Hopefully a Mr Norgaard will get match time somewhere on Wednesday. A Twitter post just before...
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    I rest my case for the defence
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    I respect your opinion that I have posted a 'Nutty Post' Re read my post and you will see many points you make, I have covered too. In the posts, this one and look at my timeline, I do not say sack the Head Coach. I am not a TF hater. I am not in the TF out camp. Based on data, in my humble...
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    IMHO Thomas is certainly at the most challenging point in his time at Brentford, if not in his career. Yesterday the team's 'body language' was extremely worrying. Many leaders out injured. Unlikely to see any back for the next three / four games. x Factor players not firing or carrying...
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    MOM v Barnsley (home) 14/2/21

    Difficult as usual yet for different reasons. I have gone for Sergi
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