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  • What are the train times,Alan and Beckles are going.Shall we meet at Paddington Burger King ? Got a hat yet ????

    Cheers ears.
    Hi folks,

    As some of you know it will be my 50th Birthday on the 22nd September 2012,and to celebrate the birth of the legend that is me !!! I am thinking about having a night at Wimbledon dogs after the Oldham game,but need to get to know who's going etc,they do deals on a group party for £8 (Trackside 6 pack) that includes,admission,race card, a pint,food and £2 Tote voucher but there is no prices for September yet,so will have to find out a bit later,so at present just trying to see who's up for it,all welcome partners,bit's on the side,gay lovers etc !!

    We can get a train from Richmond after the game,then cab/bus it from Wimbledon tube or meet up outside the track if not going to footie.


    Let me know,then will have to book the tickets in advance.

    Cheers all,

    Do you know where the new training ground is going to be ? I do !!!

    What's going on about Chesterfield ?
    What are the train times for Saturday what time do we leave and get to Dale and return times.

    Cheers ears
    You going tomorrow ? Me and Jock are in the New Road got a couple of tickets off Barry think he might have another going spare.
    Shall we go to Rochdale from Reading with Alan and Beckles think they are looking to get a train into Manchester at 12.30 ish but they are flexable,let me know as we'll have to get booked up soon.
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