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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window (EFL Window: 27th July to 16th October)

    Can't agree. Ken was outstanding. Never booked, record appearances. Real Bees legend.
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    The Royal Oak

    Just seen this. 20 k in New Rd. Imagine the queue for the bogs!!
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    Bees United

    Exactly the same for me. Used to have a monthly Standing Order. Asked what my money was going towards but never received a response. So cancelled it.
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    Marcello Trotta

    Masochists are us. I try never to think about it. Can we change the subject please? The worst I've ever felt at a match
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    "How Bees Fans Created an Election Shock That Led to Lionel Road"

    One of my brother's sorted it for me. We agreed on the view but it never occurred to me to ask the colour of the seat. Seeing as I'll be sitting on it, I really couldn't care less tbh.
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    Griffin Park Way - Latest Picture

    And lo & behold, a calm enveloped the gathered multitudes who had great joy in their hearts.
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    Griffin Park Way - Latest Picture

    Is this a serious post? Who gives a flying what other fans think. Make your own mind up. There's enough info and visuals to come to an informed decision. My view is that it looks fantastic and I don't care what anyone else thinks.
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    Griffin Park Way - Latest Picture

    The Brentford dog whisperer!! I share my two border collies with my ex wife. They've been with her since lockdown started. We decided a dog handover was not essential travel. Really missing them at the moment. Sounds daft but they always do something that makes me smile.
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    Griffin Park Way - Latest Picture

    I'm assuming you didn't have your dog with you. That may have been interesting:D
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    LockDown MeetUp Episode V: Andy Scott (Now with Catch-Up Video)

    That was a brilliant watch. Thanks to all involved. Amazing what conspired against him in his final season. He clearly learnt some very hard lessons regarding recruitment and the importance of getting it right. He's not alone on that score. Managers in all types of businesses have learnt those...
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    Brentford FC Accounts 2018/2019

    Never feels right to me speculating on MB's wealth. I understand why people do it, it just makes me uncomfortable.
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    "How Bees Fans Created an Election Shock That Led to Lionel Road"

    We owe do much to people like you. Just unbelievable when you look back at just where we were.
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