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    European Super League

    cf 1995 :cry:
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    Tayshan Hayden-Smith: From 'English Neymar' to Grenfell gardener Interesting article tin a former academy player who speaks well of us, but had a tough time as a youngster.
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    NEWS 2021 Championship Play Off Dates

    It is in the 'small print': Matchday Access: • Inclusive access to all 23 home English Football League matches (or 19 Premier League matches) • Inclusive access to final home pre-season friendly match • Inclusive access to first three home Cup matches (excluding European Cup games) •...
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    NEWS 2021 Championship Play Off Dates

    Premium STHs have a home playoff seat included as part of their package. It will be interesting to see how that is handled. Presumably the same as the games before Christmas, although there is a subtle difference in that STHs don't have automatic access to playoff games.
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    Final Score Preston 0 - 5 Bees (Mbeumo, Forss, Toney, Canos, Marcondes)

    :imwith: My son wasn't watching, but knew the team and asked me the formation. I told him what I thought and he said, "That's not what they're saying on the GPG. :oops:
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    Sergi Canós - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    He was the first one to offer a chin up message to Bryan following the latter’s air shot. A thoughtful young man.
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    Happy 50th Anniversary

    Ah, yes, The Power Game ... :love:
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    Happy 50th Anniversary

    I'm not surprised we were all hooked around that time - that was quite a season.
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    Happy 50th Anniversary

    That's what's missing in football today. We need more performing dogs at half time!
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    Happy 50th Anniversary

    I prefer to think that those who ‘jump ship’ in the right direction have really just bowed to the inevitable and seen the light.;)
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    Happy 50th Anniversary

    I can’t say I remember, NLB, but I know you’re right from the records that I’ve just checked. There were over 9000 there but I had this memory of being able to wander around New Road in loads of space! Still it was a long time ago. :)
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    Happy 50th Anniversary

    That’s a seriously impressive number of years! Well played, Sir! Interesting that we both start watching at the fag end of a season. My start did lead on to a successful and exciting season - the O’Mara season. I guess that’s why I was hooked.
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    Happy 50th Anniversary

    Today is the 50th anniversary of my first Bees game. I can’t say I remember too much about it but there must have been something! We are having some family round to the garden today. Mrs OB thinks it’s just because we are finally allowed to meet outside, but I know that there’s something more to...
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    B team fixtures

    I felt whoever wrote that report wasn't overly complimentary towards Pressley. Missed chances and his goal seemed to owe more towards the midfield than his finishing. Carre doesn't seem to get many minutes - unused sub yesterday. On the odd occasion I've seen him, I thought he looked impressive.
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    Information on Refunds for Season Ticket Holders

    Any news on when Premium STH will hear?
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