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    Fulham (A) Match Postponed

    Manchester United have a loyalty pot system where basically you get tickets for every away game (whether you want them or not). This isn't a problem as demand nearly always exceeds supply. The other away tickets that are available are sold in a ballot system which is just down to luck whether...
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    RIP Hamburger Hill / Matt Newman

    RIP Matthew, he was a smashing bloke who always had a smile on his face and loved chatting away in the Braemar rd forecourt about anything Bees related. The awaydays in John Allens Pony Express van going up and down motorways with Matt will always be remembered by me, and everyone else who came...
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    Leeds Away - Wed 21st August

    Its a long way to go for a fishcake!
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    middlesbrough v bees predictions...

    It was the best away day last season by country mile. Prediction, settle for a 1-1 draw and get our season started. Looking forward to this one.
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    Bees Review match day programme

    Nice article from you IBAE, enjoyed some of your memories, and was saddened by others, good piece and a good idea by the programme.
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    Slow Hand Clapping

    The good old boys standing in the NR in the 70s had seen us play at the top level pre WW2, so many thought that there was so much to moan about! The slow hand clapping and stamping of feet certainly was so loud you could not just ignore it, didn't seem to inspire our football at the time though
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    Champagne moment V PNE

    Its always a champagne moment with you 2 back in your paddock seats, welcome back, see you next season
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    Bolton away - 1-0 VICTORY is OURS!!!

    Not for me, went there on Saturday to see Fleetwood v Bristol Rovers, just call the game off and give us the 3points
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    Bolton away - 1-0 VICTORY is OURS!!!

    Just heard that their players have been paid, so the game goes ahead
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    Bolton away - 1-0 VICTORY is OURS!!!

    If the game is cancelled, Fleetwood Town v Bristol Rovers might be an alternative, new ground for me. Do we get the three points if BWFC don't fulfil this fixture?
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    Forest(a) Sat Feb 9th - Tickets Available on Door

    If you cant get any joy from Megatrains site, then give East Midlands Trains a go, you can get some reasonable prices if you are flexible about journey times, and you book well in advance
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    Bees v Stoke predictions....

    With our defensive issues being sorted out, I can see a Bees win coming up, Gary Rowett and his bunch are under real pressure, and we are on an upward curve. 2- 0 to the Bees (Maupay with both)
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    Peter Gilham 50 years not out.

    Its on Brentford Loyal on Facebook, looks like somebody recorded it off their television, still well worth watching though. Arise sir Peter Gilham
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    Birmingham City Sat Dec 29th at 3 pm

    You can always take the lazy option, which is definitely me and get a bus back into town
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    Birmingham City Sat Dec 29th at 3 pm

    Brentford official site says tickets available on the day at Birmingham, at the same price of £20, so its all good news
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