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  1. BFC1997

    Post Match Thread Rotherham 0-2 Brentford

    First and foremost, a great result. The lineup was surprising, but in truth it was a matter of time before; we tried something else at right back, and we found a way to get Forss and Toney in the XI. Brave to test the waters in a midweek away at Rotherham. First half we found it a bit tough...
  2. BFC1997

    Final Score Rotherham 0 - 2 Bees (Forss, Toney(p))

    Dasilva and Janelt struggling with the typical Rotherham winter midweek away rough and tumble. I like their right back. Can we have him?
  3. BFC1997

    Suggestion Bright Osayi-Samuel

    Were we not very interested in this player quite recently?
  4. BFC1997

    Player Recruitment Post Brexit

    So we can, say, scour the MLS for South American youth internationals?
  5. BFC1997

    Player Recruitment Post Brexit

    That’s a hefty document. Does anyone know if we have a realistic prospect now of signing young talent from beyond the EU/EEA now?
  6. BFC1997

    NEWS Update: Emails Arriving. Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H) to Go Out Tuesday 1st Dec

    Yes, I was not suggesting they ought to give tickets to anyone without a ST, regardless of TAPs. I just reckon that TAPs seems the fairest way of prioritising between STHs. I don't think it makes much difference really, everyone will get their chance (probably) and allocating just 2,000...
  7. BFC1997

    NEWS Update: Emails Arriving. Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H) to Go Out Tuesday 1st Dec

    Yes, same here. Not sure why they didn’t tbh, possibly because it would have meant more work.
  8. BFC1997

    Ollie Watkins

    Robbed by VAR at the death.
  9. BFC1997

    General General Transfer Discussion

    Here is the tweet liked by BOS of QPR. It’s Rico Henry celebrating the win. Can you imagine if they’d beaten us and one of our players liked a tweet like that from one of their players? We were linked in Summer, are now desperate for a winger and he’s got 6 months on his contract. Presumably...
  10. BFC1997

    Is 'The Brentford Community Stadium' the permanent name for our new stadium?

    Kew Verdo Multisports Community Arena
  11. BFC1997

    Mark Warburton

    Yeah nah not buying your defence of him there. Listen back to the interview. He very clearly implies we were breaking some kind of lockdown regulation by having so many in the stadium. Kane’s stonewall second yellow was also nothing like Henry’s straight red at Swansea. When you listen back to...
  12. BFC1997

    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-1 QPR

    In his post match interview, Warburton reckoned they had us sussed after 10 minutes of the second half. Looking at the xG graph, it appears the opposite happened. It took us 10 minutes to adjust to the new formation, and thereafter we caused the consistent problem, eventually overtaking them.
  13. BFC1997

    Mark Warburton

    Lots of bitterness in his post match comments. - Blames a refereeing decision for the result - Refers to Brentford as a “so-called tough place to come” - Says Kane only got a second yellow because our bench shouted loud enough - Says we only made so much noise because we snuck 200 fans in and...
  14. BFC1997

    Rico Henry - Signs to June 2023

    Can’t see an England call-up whilst he’s playing in the Championship. Too many other players ahead of him. If we do not get promoted he deserves a shot in the PL to challenge for that spot.
  15. BFC1997

    Pontus Jansson - Signs to June 2022 (+1yr option)

    Huge player for us. But Thomas has identified, as perhaps we all have, that he is not fit enough to play every match from the start in a season like this. The run-in of last season, the quick turnaround and then congested start to this season, we burnt him out. He was slow and not himself...
  16. BFC1997

    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    He’s also kicking off that we apparently broke lockdown rules and smuggled 200 supporters into the stadium today: Bit confused at that one.
  17. BFC1997

    Mathias Jensen - Signs to 2023 (+1yr option)

    Strong performance in the second half from Mathias.
  18. BFC1997

    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    Warburton didn’t appear to be particularly gracious in defeat in his post-match interview.
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