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    Team v Blackburn

    It's certainly not the strongest part of his game, he's much better on the deck.
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    B team fixtures

    Couple more fixtures up on the OS. Away at Charlton U23s next Wed at 1pm and then games against Huddersfield B on Sat 19th.. Reading U23s in Jan..
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    Saman Ghoddos - (Loan to June 2021 + 2yr Permanent Option)

    I think the key issue with Ghoddos is fitness more than settling in with the team. He looks like a bright clever player but so far he's looked way off the required fitness levels. Getting games in like this will only do him good..
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    B Team v Arsenal u23s?

    Good to see Hockenhull and Brook back in the squad. Bad news that Carre got carried off. We're having a nightmare with injuries this season..
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    Team v Blackburn

    It's an interesting point this. Playing to Forss' strengths. He's not really that great in the air, so pumping the ball into the box isn't going to do it, he's much better getting into good positions in the box and latching onto pull backs or through balls, we need to play a bit cleverer if we...
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    Saman Ghoddos - (Loan to June 2021 + 2yr Permanent Option)

    Got a good solid 45 minutes for the B team today, scored a worldy by the sound of things! Can only do him good!
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    B Team v Arsenal u23s?

    According to this tweet a brentord B team beat Arsenal U23s 1-0 today in a friendly. Saman Ghoddos scored ‘a fine strike’ and arsenal missed a pen. Thompson and Stevens also played apparently
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    Team v Blackburn

    If he’s fit Dalsgaard has to start. Not a game to be taking unnecessary chances at the back. I don’t think there’s any great advantage to be gained offensively either tbh, but could be an option for later in the game I guess
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    Team v Blackburn

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    Team v Blackburn

    Hopeful Dalsgaard will be fit for this one. Would imagine TF will bring in Marcondes to rotate the midfield a little, probably for Jensen but potentially for JDS who’s struggled the last couple of games. Expect we’ll stick with the Forss/Toney experiment for the time being Raya, Dalsgaard...
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    It seems like we had to stop and press the reset button early on this season. We started off ok but our defending was nowhere near last seasons. It looks like after the Preston game Frank has gone back to basics to get that back into shape much like we did when he originally took over. This has...
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    Jan Žambůrek - (June 2023) - Season Loan to Shrewsbury Town

    I very much doubt he's the kind of player that Cotterill will be looking to to get them out of the mire so that's likely to be it for him unfortunately..
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    Bees v Blackburn predictions....

    We always seem to struggle v Blackburn, however they look to be a lot more open and adventurous than in previous years and that could well play into our hands.. 2-1 Bees. Toney, Marcondes..
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    Post Match Thread Rotherham 0-2 Brentford

    Not a lot more to add to what everyone said so far other than I agree with somebody who posted earlier that the jury is still very much out on Forss/Toney together in the team. Obviously it worked out in the end but overall it really wasn't working and certainly contributed to our less than...
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    Aaron Pressley - Brentford B

    Pretty much bang on. Mogensen is a real prospect, such a shame he's injured at the moment. His link up play is excellent and he's got great touch. Has always been good outside the box but had recently really started to get on top of his positioning in the box and his finishing. Forss is a lot...
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    Mathias Jensen - Signs to 2023 (+1yr option)

    was if? That was a cracking ball! Well done Marcus
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    Mathias Jensen - Signs to 2023 (+1yr option)

    Was it him who released Toney at the end for Canos’ chance/penalty?
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    Vitaly Janelt - Signs to June 2024

    The ONE issue with Janelt is he has the turning circle of a 267 bus, particularly as he favours his left foot so much. Got caught a couple of times in dangerous positions trying to turn with the ball to face up the pitch and we know from past experience how costly that can be.. needs to work on...
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    Sergi Canos - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    Very good cameo from Sergi though really should have put that chance away before being fouled..
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    Mathias Jensen - Signs to 2023 (+1yr option)

    Some fantastic long passes today. The one that picked out henry in the pen area in particular stood out. Got knocked off the ball a lot though and set pieces were frustratingly bad as twice Toney had got free and where he was expecting the ball to be played. As said above not helped by a well...
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