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  1. The Pipe

    Covid and the future of games

    Pleased to see the football authorities are now making it clear that failing to follow guidelines could result in football being cancelled. However at same time there is Lampard saying how difficult it is for the players as they can’t work from home ( bless them) and protect themselves like the...
  2. The Pipe

    Covid and the future of games

    Feel that slowly but surely public opinion is beginning to frown on Football. Players have been highlighted ignoring lockdown rules ( some more than once!!) despite continuing requests from the football authorities players are cuddling changing shirts etc. overall it gives a very poor...
  3. The Pipe

    Fin Stevens - Brentford B - Signs to June 2022 (+1yr option)

    I would be inclined to trust those at the club making the decisions to have considered all the scenarios, their track record is not the worst in the land !!!
  4. The Pipe

    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Natives are decidedly restless in Newcastle, probably not helped by Sky commentators reminding them that they lost the quarter final of the League Cup to “ a Brentford B team”
  5. The Pipe

    Bristol City and Reading Matches POSTPONED

    i can’t help but admire your eternal optimism and really hope that your views carry the day however being a Grinch I have a horrible feeling your optimism might be misplaced
  6. The Pipe

    Bristol City and Reading Matches POSTPONED

    I do hope that all involved at the club keep safe from the top down to the cleaners and ancillary staff as each and everyone of them is important in their own right. no idea when testing took place or how many are effected but as 2 games have been postponed and training ground closed I would...
  7. The Pipe

    Covid and the future of games

    Factually Villa wouldn’t have been able to play their U23’s as they would not have been in the Premier League squad announced by Villa and would be in contravention of the rules. Sensible decisions by all concerned
  8. The Pipe

    Halil Dervişoğlu - Signs to June 2024

    Shock horror: player written off after little game time😂😂😂 no idea whether he will be the dogs b***ocks or as useless as a retarded spider however by and large we don’t get much wrong so I will rely upon the coaches to decide
  9. The Pipe

    General General Transfer Discussion

    Listening to Big Sam on Sky sports looks like a number of players will be available soon at West Brom as sounds like he wants a completely new team. apart from Sawyers I wonder if there any players that might interest us. does show the foolishness in football as a squad was built up to play one...
  10. The Pipe

    Australia v India test series 20/21

    thats a good point, I just heard it reported on sky sports and just presumed it was the crowd, if not ????????
  11. The Pipe

    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    Nearly out of the cup !!
  12. The Pipe

    Australia v India test series 20/21

    Accusations of racist abuse from some sections of the Australian crowd
  13. The Pipe

    Suggestion Folarin Balogun

    I know he has been discussed to death but what actually has he done that suggests he should be one for us, particularly at a price?? our scouting operations are seemingly some of the best in the country and I have every confidence that better can be found at a better price
  14. The Pipe

    Middlesbrough FAC R3. 9 Jan. 2021 ko 6pm

    At present, unlike a club down here, they don’t think it will effect their ability to play the game. Might be a bit cynical but maybe if it was a league game they might have a different opinion !!!
  15. The Pipe

    The Times Article on Banned Supporters (Spilt Thread)

    Society has its problems and Brentford FC is just a microcosm of society. Any justification for the actions of these few individuals cannot be condoned irrespective of whether people might think it’s just banter or that messages were not meant for a wider public. I abhorred the violence in the...
  16. The Pipe

    The Times Article on Banned Supporters (Spilt Thread)

    Don’t blame the messenger instead shine the spotlight on the idiots who seem determined to drag our name into the mud. I have no doubt other clubs have equal numbers of imbeciles however whilst our continue to attack a journalist and keep feeding him copy we will remain in the spotlight. Our...
  17. The Pipe

    Green Gloves and Knee Pads

    I have argued on here in the past that currently VAR is not fit for purpose. At its inception the idea was that it would ensure no obvious errors from match day officials would effect the outcome of the game. if they kept to the original premise then I doubt many would disagree that it would...
  18. The Pipe

    Post Match Thread Spurs 2 Bees 0

    Ealing, I think the point that is trying to be made is that Dean didn’t seem to apply the same rules and regulations to both sets of players as evidenced by the proliferation of cards to Brentford players whilst the Spurs fouls were treated with a smile and a shrug. whether any of it would have...
  19. The Pipe

    The Times Article on Banned Supporters (Spilt Thread)

    Sad day and I sometimes despair when I see the Twitter discussion that was put up on here. In society there are people with unsavoury views and who, in these days of expanded social media can expound these views with very little comeback. I would imagine that every club in the country has an...
  20. The Pipe

    Covid and the future of games

    Have a feeling that full lockdown is very much on the cards and if it does come then quite frankly I can’t see how their can be any justification for football, particularly as we have all seen how various players seem oblivious of the rules. If the players had kept to the rules then arguments...
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