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  1. Beat Poet

    Jared Thompson

    Probably adds further weight to Andersson moving out either on loan or permanently.
  2. Beat Poet

    Rumour Scott Twine-Swindon

    With him being under 21 and Swindon being eligible for compensation, surely we don't want to get entwined in all the shenanigans of it going to a tribunal?
  3. Beat Poet

    Score Centre 2020 / 2021

    Donny are currently 1-0 up on Swindon in the battle of the Brentford loanees.
  4. Beat Poet

    Rumour Ilias Chair - QPR

    Surely we can push an undisclosed amount under the table for him?
  5. Beat Poet

    Tyrick Mitchell

    They had three of our academy kids, Mitchell, Tavares and McGregor, glad to see one of them make it. McGregor dropped into non-league and Tavares looks set to not break through before his contract expires at the end of the season.
  6. Beat Poet

    Tyrick Mitchell

    Already got a thread at Tyrick Mitchell
  7. Beat Poet

    General General Transfer Discussion

    B team keeper Simon Andersson appears to be on some sort of trial at Swedish top-flight club BK Häcken.
  8. Beat Poet

    Nick Tsaroulla
  9. Beat Poet

    Suggestion Luke Jephcott - Plymouth Argle

    Great surname, harks back to our time in the Southern League 1898-1920!
  10. Beat Poet

    Ryan Trevitt signs for B team

    I see it more like that the success of FS and the non-success of some of the trialists (surely some were from non-league?) has provided additional information to the scouting team about what they need to be looking for in non-league players. Since the Dev Squad/B team came into being, the team's...
  11. Beat Poet

    Max Haygarth - Brentford B - Signs to June 2022 (+1 yr option)

    I was joking about, but if you were to say "If you don't like clichés - don't watch any football interviews and avoid commentary/pundits at all costs" sure, I'm down with that!
  12. Beat Poet

    Footballers In Trouble
  13. Beat Poet

    Ryan Trevitt signs for B team

    Not that it really matters, but I think it's lazy reporting on the OS, I think he came from Leatherhead Youth, not Leatherhead F.C. They are separate clubs, though the youth departments seem to collaborate.
  14. Beat Poet

    Max Haygarth - Brentford B - Signs to June 2022 (+1 yr option)

    As if the players being briefed on the cliches with which to answer the cliched questions isn't advice enough?
  15. Beat Poet

    B-Team Production

    Ryan Trevitt of Leatherhead signs. As usual, naff all info provided by the club, sounds like he's a midfielder and no mention of contract length. A bit of digging shows he was either called up to or capped by England Futsal U19...
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