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  1. Streetboy

    Ex Bees in the Premier League

    Yes, definitely, pre-season 2008
  2. Streetboy

    Unsuccessful signings in the Benham Era?

    Okay, your thread your rules, and I see from your initial post you're talking in purely financial terms. But to label a signing successful or unsuccessful, I think you need to look at the whole picture. Grigg is definitely an interesting case, and could perhaps be a candidate for most successful...
  3. Streetboy

    One-game Brentford managers

    Fitzgerald was sacked when we were relegated at Easter, so Quin must've had at least three or four games. For the final one, Tranmere away, he had Butcher alongside him on the bench.
  4. Streetboy

    One-game Brentford managers

    Actually, I think they'd be interesting to include, although it would widen the field a bit. That's probably where I recall Whitbread, and possibly Mortimer, taking charge from. Maybe even Farrell too, or am I starting to imagine things? Generally though, what I was thinking about was...
  5. Streetboy

    One-game Brentford managers

    Ah, interesting one this. That game was at the end of the 2000-01 season, when Lewington was fully in charge. But amidst an approach from Watford and a fall out with Noades, he wasn't at the game and quit soon after. Who took charge that night? Can't remember, possibly Downes? I wouldn't be...
  6. Streetboy

    One-game Brentford managers

    Although I started out thinking generally about one-game managers, as Wanderer points out, that particular list is easy enough to find. What I should have asked, and will ask now as a supplementary question, is if anyone remembers anyone taking charge temporarily of a first team game for any...
  7. Streetboy

    One-game Brentford managers

    Was he filling in between managers, or filling in for an incumbent manager like McFarlane today, out of interest?
  8. Streetboy

    One-game Brentford managers

    Seems there have been quite a few. Perhaps a better question would have been have any others taken charge of a first team game when not officially 'manager' or 'caretaker manager'. Illness, like in today's instance, is the obvious one, but perhaps an assistant took charge because the manager was...
  9. Streetboy

    One-game Brentford managers

    Looks like Neil McFarlane will be in charge for perhaps a couple more games, so won't join this exclusive club, but how many one-game Bees managers have there been? I can only remember Garry Thompson. Think Barry Quin had three or four games. Of course, guys like that were 'official' caretaker...
  10. Streetboy

    Unsuccessful signings in the Benham Era?

    There's a strange obsession with resale value on this thread. Yes it's a huge part of our ethos, but sometimes you just need to pad out the potential with some experience with little expectation of a decent recoup. Surely the first and foremost criteria for judging a successful signing should be...
  11. Streetboy

    Graffiti in the new Stadium Already...

    EMaz is in fact Emiliano Marcondes and I claim my £5
  12. Streetboy

    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    I've been thinking this for a while, but not commented at the risk of sounding old and cranky. IMHO there's plenty of outlets for 'bantz' on supporter, fanzine etc accounts, but official clubs accounts should be above all that. No doubt it brings traffic and engagement, so those who matter are...
  13. Streetboy

    Ryan Reynolds to buy Wrexham

    Yep, a late winner which confirmed our play-off place in Martin Allen's first season. Game had been rearranged after the first one was called off, with the coach I was on just pulling into Wrexham. Driver didn't even stop for food/drink, just went round a roundabout when the news came through...
  14. Streetboy

    Old Bees programmes

    Just put 2+2 together and worked out you're the fella whose 'on this day' postings I really enjoy on Twitter. They give me a brief trip down memory lane for Bees and non-league games I've attended down the years, keep up the good work!
  15. Streetboy

    The Former Grounds of Brentford FC

    Denied FC, charting the history of clubs trying and failing to get elected to the Football League pre-1987, is also a great read.
  16. Streetboy

    Martin Allen photo with Bucket Collectors

    Dammit, really sorry Sultan, just been through about 20 discs and it's not on there. Definitely had it at one point but must have lost a disc or two over the years. Will let you know if it ever resurfaces.
  17. Streetboy

    Martin Allen photo with Bucket Collectors

    I'll dig out the discs and have a look, and if it's on there, can post in on here on via DM.
  18. Streetboy

    An episode from the 1937/38 season...

    This picture reminds me of a piece I read recently about Ian Durrant, and how he was on course to be a world class player if not for a horror tackle by Aberdeen's Neil Simpson. Apparently the only stretcher at Pittodrie that day was sat outside in an ambulance, so the Rangers trainer carried him...
  19. Streetboy

    Martin Allen photo with Bucket Collectors

    I may have the original on a disc if you're interested? I rescued some picture archive discs when the last Chronicle office closed, and pretty sure I still have them somewhere.
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