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  1. Mr Tree

    Brentford GIFs

    This is obviously a fairly frivolous subject, but not sure where better to put it! GIFs, if you're totally unaware, are little looping videos (basically). As the technology gets better and better, it's easier and easier to share these. A couple of weeks ago, I searched Brentford on WhatsApp...
  2. Mr Tree

    Great goals

    Yeah, sorry for the vague title, but there are some cracking compilations being compiled at the moment that I thought I would share: Shame we didn't get on the latter, but not sure which I'd nominate as our best goals since we came up... (Monday morning definitely isn't the best time to...
  3. Mr Tree


    A new "timeless" thread for this "minority" sport :( Yes there have been some dramatic happenings stateside, Durant to Brooklyn, Kawhi to LA Clippers, amazing - next year should be interesting! But quick shout-out to the British ladies, who reached the Euro semi-finals for the first time ever...
  4. Mr Tree

    Mr Tree's blog

    so in the first of a series of potentially one, i offer you... a 14-page article in a Czech magazine :D alas, it won't be too revolutionary for you lot (you know the story), but if you're interested, you can read the whole thing through the above link (or this one).
  5. Mr Tree

    What colour(s) SHOULD our away kit be?

    1) there is no guarantee the club will listen here, but, it's worth a try and worth asking you all :) 2) we already had the "don't care" option (here: ). if you don't care, we don't need you to tell us all again here :) but, this is "fan...
  6. Mr Tree

    Game 58: Belgium vs Brazil

    It's hard to imagine that the semi-final would be Deschamps vs Martinez :eek: shows the talent at their disposal, i suppose. i hope it will be, cos i can't stand this Brazil team. Neymar was always a bit of a **** but his arrogance has gone off the scale, and he's just not that good. anyway...
  7. Mr Tree

    Fan Feedback - the future of the away kit

    It's been discussed for a while in light of our "innovative" brown look for 2018/19. Mr Devlin tweeted yesterday that he'd discussed it with Bob the Kit Man, and then followed up to say that he was taking on feedback. GPG insiders have, I believe, advised before that the decision about next...
  8. Mr Tree

    Game 44 Switzerland vs Costa Rica

    We haven't missed a game yet, and i'll be damned if this is the first. Switzerland with a good chance of winning the group (and playing Mexico) if they can get a good win.
  9. Mr Tree

    Game 42: Mexico vs Sweden

    my colleague is watching this one, and i can't see his screen. i gather Sweden have started well enough :shrug: there are a lot of permutations involved. i can't be bothered to list them :)
  10. Mr Tree

    Game 41: Germany vs South Korea

    Got this on the big screen in my office... unfortunately, that's behind me, and i just had to turn the sound off to allow others to concentrate :rolleyes: A German goal looks inevitable, but hasn't happened yet. Worth bearing in mind, if both games end as draws but Sweden score more (so Sweden...
  11. Mr Tree

    Game 49: France v Argentina

    Filling in my World Cup wallchart this morning made me realise - Wow, what a belter to start the second round with :eek: Both absolute turds, good that one of them will go out early. Best-case scenario, an entertaining niggly match with plenty of violence :sorted: :cutthecrap:
  12. Mr Tree

    organising sweepstake - any tips?

    i think i'm going to try and take on the mantle and be Mr Sweepstake Organiser here for this World Cup i've been reading a few things about it... all good if no profit is made (in UK, but presume similar rules here, and no problem there) 32 people first come first served innit. latecomers are...
  13. Mr Tree

    looking for work (remote)

    It's a long shot, but with our community here there is an off-chance that one of you has something... I was laid off last week, with three months severance pay. So i have time to look around, but worth posting this now "just in case" any of you know of anything. I have an 8-month old at home...
  14. Mr Tree

    Basketball 2017/18

    Note: not restricted to just NBA :D (feel free to discuss your favourite Euroleague or er Euroleague Women :wave: teams here - or even British basketball :scratch: :shrug: ) but the NBA started yesterday - and i've just opened BBC Sport to see it's headline news! And also another story...
  15. Mr Tree

    Eurobasket 2017

    Starts tomorrow! It's funny - the rest of the continent gets quite up for this, but basketball is still held in very little regard in Britain... we've even got a team in it! The Brits are in Group D with Belgium, Serbia, Latvia, Turkey and Russia. Top four go through to the Round of 16. Will...
  16. Mr Tree

    Reading (A) 28th December

    No thread on this yet :looks: Shockingly, i might be able to attend :eek: How does one go about getting tickets these days then :confused:
  17. Mr Tree

    Basketball 2014/15

    We have to move with the times here - everyone else gets an annual thread, so now the basketball does too. Remember, it's not just NBA chat here - feel free to share your love for British or European basketball too :cool: However, "today's the day" because tonight, the NBA is BACK. And it's...
  18. Mr Tree

    Czech Republic

    a Bee visited me here just last week, actually, and we got a round of three beers by the river for £2.24 (according to my currency converter app thingy). :beer: you might be aware that Czech beer is bloody marvellous too. what you might now know is that THREE esteemed Brentford fans inhabit...
  19. Mr Tree

    Martin Fillo

    linked with Slavia Prague, according to @czefootball on Twitter. Slavia only just survived relegation and are a shadow of the team you might've seen 5 years ago, btw...
  20. Mr Tree

    World T20

    the competition started yesterday, with Ireland just managing a last-ball win in comical scenes after stumbling a bit at the end of their run-chase over Zimbabwe. anyway, a great and vital win for the boys in green. i've become a big fan of cricket in the lesser countries - i guess it's a...
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