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  1. NW USA Bee


    Can you tell me what happened to the thread I started on managers being fired after we play them, please
  2. NW USA Bee

    IF we make the final on May 25

    I thought it would be pretty cool to have all the overseas Bees who are coming over for the game, convene, maybe the day prior. Don't want to tempt fate but if they do make it, I for sure will be over and I thought it will be great to meet other overseas Bees. Lets see what happens first, of...
  3. NW USA Bee

    Northern Idaho and BEIN sports

    So my cable provider Time Warner had reneged on providing BEIN said its not available in my area, bummed to put it mildly. So thanks to the ingenuity of my GF I had a way to work around it and anyone else in the same position should be able to also. I purchased an Amazon fire stick for $40 and...
  4. NW USA Bee

    Uwe Rossler sacked by Wigan

    Interesting feelings about this, on one hand I feel he was manager at a pivotal time in our history and played a major role in our revival. On the other hand, he left us (as did AF) for what he considered to be greener pastures and a "bigger club". Now we are 6th and they are in the drop zone...
  5. NW USA Bee


    Northern Idaho, distinctly different in many ways than S.Idaho. Coeur D'Alene, where I live is 11 miles from the border with WA, a resort town with a huge (220 miles of coastline) lake and mountains. We are a 5 hour drive from Seattle and a 5 hour drive from Glacier national park in Montana:)
  6. NW USA Bee

    In the midst of all the doubters

    When Uwe was "getting sacked in the morning" and we were in 10th place, Mike Sullivan said to me, "Jim, this is our year, trust me". 9 points clear with 5 to play, as a Bee of 55 years I hope 5pm on May3 will be our finest hour. Based on Mike's comment I bought tickets to fly over a while ago...
  7. NW USA Bee

    Jimmy Gitsham

    No idea why this just came into my head maybe it's being over for these 2 home games-Tuesday night in the 60's he broke his collar bone. A good honest player and I am sure a few "older" supporters will remember him
  8. NW USA Bee

    Could a BU director please PM me

    I have something I would like to discus privately, thanks:)
  9. NW USA Bee

    Marcello Trotta, a name that will live in infamy

    I will never, ever get over that penalty miss nor will most brentford fans. Very similar to Bill Buckner letting the ball thru his legs in the 86 world series-no red sox fan will ever forgive him-Trotta's miss will etch him in the negative wall of fame. Dont let the door hit you in the a*se on...
  10. NW USA Bee

    Bees USA an

    To my amazement Fox are not carrying the game, anyone know where I can see it please?
  11. NW USA Bee

    Excuses, Excuses

    I am getting really sick and tired of seeing the same responses almost every time we get beat-"we dominated, we couldnt score, we outplayed them" blah, blah, blah. It seems that the lack of scoring goals and putting teams away that we dominate will (i hope not) cost us promotion. I would much...
  12. NW USA Bee

    So I just booked flights for the Donny game

    Not sure if its a smart move or not but just went ahead and booked and paid for flight to see the last home game v Doncaster. Was over for the Chelski game and in 50+ years as a Bee was probably the best time-home game that is-that I can remember. Living in the NW it is a long, long way home...
  13. NW USA Bee

    Hanwell Carnival

    I attended the above yesterday and it occured to me that it would have been the perfect event for the club to be a part of. A nice booth, a couple of players and great PR. If we are the community club that is spoken about often, can someone from the club explain the policy of taking/not...
  14. NW USA Bee

    On line club shop

    Returning back to the US after a 6 month stint and thought I would order some stuff before I leave. Most of the stuff on line has no image available, how do they hope to sell anything when you cant see it:sad:
  15. NW USA Bee

    Back in the UK for 6 months

    I already bought my half season ticket, will be there from early Jan, be great to see the Bees on a regular basis:):)
  16. NW USA Bee

    Bergkamp of Rochdale

    Any relation to Dennis? Anyone know
  17. NW USA Bee

    My new number plate

    It looks pretty good, though with only one other Bee (Idaho Bee, that I am aware of) in Boise which is 500+ miles away, way under appreciated:)
  18. NW USA Bee

    The Club Shop

    I spent a hundred quid in the club shop while I was there, saw 3 games live and had a great time. It would have been nice though to have walked out of the shop like they appreciated my business. The lady that runs it seems to have a no smile, be as curt as possible policy. Think how much more...
  19. NW USA Bee

    Wembley hospitality

    :)I was looking to take, in addition to myself 3 very special friends as my treat. I looked at the Wembley hospitaility package and 250 quid a pop seems a lttle steep to me. Anyone have any suggestions on a pre match meal near the stadium? Or any other thoughs or suggestions will be welcome
  20. NW USA Bee

    On my way!

    Just booked my flights yesterday, will be over on March 25, actually arriving that day, for the Carlisle home game, why is it on Friday? And of course the Wembeley final on April 3 going back on April 4. Long way from Northern Idaho but it's my Bees at Wembley!! :)
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