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    2020/21 Club Membership

    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. With the carrot of attendance of some cup or maybe even league games being tentatively dangled for non ST plebs I have just tried to (belatedly) update my adult membership but the OS link below suggests that these are not on sale for 2020/21. Is...
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    Ticket Refunds

    Apologies if a thread dulplication. I see there was a previous discussion on this but now closed. What is the state of play regarding ticket refunds for WBA onwards? I have received WBA and Charlton reimbursements but still waiting for the rest. Have they been paid? Happy to forego if a few...
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    Fulham thread

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Bristol City away 13 December 2016

    Just about to buy my train tickets for this one. Can we be certain now it won't be moved due to any Sky shenanigans?
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    How does the current hot air escaping from the Stuart Dallas thread rank in terms of all time GPG meltdowns? I'm trying to recall similar explosions...DJ to Brum and the Southampton ticketing debacle spring to mind. How does Dallasgate compare? Is there some sort of in house warning system in...
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    West Ham and the Olympic Stadium

    Ridiculous how this is being blown out of all proportion. Of far more public concern is the debacle of the overspend on the conversion of the Olympic stadium for West Ham's convenience, which has been totally overshadowed by this non story.
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    League 1 Play-Offs 2015

    In the event that our play-off campaign is not successful... Blunts for me. Love a trip to BL...fond memories of the 2013 epic.
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    As we are no longer tinpot, media coverage of all things Brentford is increasing at a fair rate, with the result that Newsbot has become more and more busy recently. Now I don't want to sound ungrateful to fair Newsbot, she comes across as a fine lass and does sterling work, but increasingly...
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    Squad value

    Based on form so far this season, and using AF's fee as a yardstick, how many of the squad vs F*lh*m would be valued at a 7 figure sum in the current over-inflated transfer market? Most if not all? Possible exceptions (due to age as much as anything else): TC TD (albeit with value rising...
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    Championship with QPR+Fulham or Premiership without?

    Pointless totally hypothetical thread but worth a poll. Would you rather have next season in the Championship with QPR relegated to join us plus Fulham still there, or a season in the Premiership with all of its associated hassles (ticket unavailability+prices, stupid kick off times etc etc)...
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    The 2014/15 QPR Relegation Thread

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Match report vs Stevenage (H)

    Dire 1st half, much better 2nd. Trotta excellent when he came on - changed the game. Reeves and Tarkowski also both very good. Relieved that the majority in attendance wanted to see the presentation and lap of honour, and did a fantastic job in booing the few knob ends who were intent on...
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    Match report vs MK Dons (A)

    Dominated for 80 minutes then switched off and conceded 2 sloppy goals. Our lack of attacking threat and finishing plus inability to kill teams off when ahead are continuing major concerns. We need to get this sorted in the summer or we will be murdered next season.
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    Sheff Utd vs Wolves

    KO @1.25pm on Saturday. Is this game televised? If not, any chance that one of the GP pubs might be able to broadcast a radio commentary stream? Listening to the blunts bang in a few goals would be the perfect pre Coventry warm up, although we'd miss the last 15mins.
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    Notts County from Brighton

    Are any Brighton Bees going to Meadow Lane tomorrow? My regular travelling companion has bailed at short notice but I'm still considering making the trip. Would be good to have some company for the long trek north. PM or post on here if so :sorted:
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    Penalty shoot outs

    If, heaven forbid, the PO 2nd leg and/or final go to penalties, who will take them? King Kev Sam Harry then it gets complicated... Tom? JD? His shooting has been woeful recently. CD? Please no. Trotta??? :fishing:
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    Hartlepool v Bees - viewing in Brighton

    Are any fellow Brighton bees aware of pubs in B&H that will be showing the match with sound? I know of a few that will have it on but with the commentary muted.
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    Bramall Lane

    It was my first visit to BL yesterday and I was very impressed. Fantastic acoustics, view of the pitch, public transport access etc etc. I'm sure it helped to contribute to the excitement of the match. Best stadium in the country I've visited IMHO.
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    Charlton tickets

    I see that this match has been designated "ticket preferred". Will there be any problems buying tickets on the day at the turnstiles? Surely there's no way it's going to be a sell out???
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    Barrow v Eastbourne updates

    HT Barrow 1-0 :eek:
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