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  1. nocoat

    Lionel Road - first day pictures 05/12/2020

    Please drop in all your first day pictures Of the stadium here. I don’t think we are allowed action shots of when the game is actually on but I’m sure the Nazi mods Will remove anything that contravenes copyright laws get involved Brentford
  2. nocoat

    Brentford v WBA champagne moment

    Has to be Sir Peter of Gilham still doing his “come on Brentford” to an empty stadium lol Absolute legend
  3. nocoat

    Charlton (A) Match Reports & Reactions

    Please put all MATCH REPORTS here.
  4. nocoat

    BFC Family Day 28th July 2019

    No dog agility or dog ability again today I’m sad to report . Looks like that ships sailed for good . Probably some lefty thinks it’s cruel on the dogs so got it banned
  5. nocoat

    Justin Edinburgh RIP

    Justin Edinburgh. So young! I have no details yet just saw on orient mates Facebook RIP
  6. nocoat

    Champagne moment vs Ipswich

    Getting home and warm in triple quick time. Lots of champagne football which was a joy to watch but hard to gauge truly how good it was as Tractor boys were so abysmal
  7. nocoat

    Champagne moment vs Baggies

    Has to be our boys throwing the ball at their player first at his back then in his chest. Good boys
  8. nocoat

    League one table

    The team in 13th are just two points ahead of the relegation zone?!! Amazingly tight with teams from 12th downwards in serious danger. I can’t do a link sorry. This is abnormal surely ? Imagine being a division three team lol losers
  9. nocoat

    Bees vs Hull Champagne Moments

    Duplicate thread lol
  10. nocoat

    Champagne moment Vs Hull City

    Controversial before end of match but surely it has to be Peter Gilham’s “Wow” after the second goal!! Going up
  11. nocoat


    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ? “football a la Brentford “ about as famous as the Brentford pie lol
  12. nocoat

    Bees vs Non-League Barnet predictions

    Rollback the Gainsborough Trinity years. 7-1 super bees. 4 different scorers.
  13. nocoat

    Rugby/Six Nations 2019

    I know its not trendy on here and my mates will call me middleclass but i am beginning to really like rugby me. My boy plays for London Taffies so i get to watch a lot of it now. Still figuring out the rules but I know enough to get by. Best thing of course is the drinking in view of the...
  14. nocoat

    Champagne moment vs Fake Bees

    Looks like I’m first back. Even managed to get a cheeky beer at West Hampsted first. My vote goes to the clubhouse/bar area , massive and quick service. Football related one was my seats which were quality and Daniels early save from the header even better
  15. nocoat

    Bees v Arsenal - Flat beer moment

    Why am I surprised really it happens at all big games. Stewards totally lost control of block 24 so the gangway was totally blocked after half an hour. Trying to get back to my boy after a piss, one guy shoving me some other beady fuxkwit from behind telling me to **** off and go away. That one...
  16. nocoat

    Brentford personalised email message based on games attended

    Bravo indeed! Cracking idea. Surprised I had done so many away games lol must have bought a ticket for a mate
  17. nocoat

    Game 51: Spain vs Russia

    comical own goal. served him right the total berk lol
  18. nocoat

    England v Nigeria

    So far so good!! Assumed it would be a borefest but promising signs early doors. Although Kane has hardly had a touch yet. Silly Raheem
  19. nocoat

    Commonwealth games 2018

    lol what the **** is this happy sh*t! Been forced to watch Normal telly as broadband too weak and there appears to be an opening ceremony involving old women, middle aged fatties and some young children recording it all in their iPhone!! I’m sure I could have had a run at representing Cyprus in...
  20. nocoat

    Things that annoy you about football

    I can think of about 50 things that annoy me about the beautiful game. From VAR to Premiership managers moaning and a hundredy things in between. Please help me list them. Three to start you off 1) Goalkeepers who catch the ball as its dropping out the sky at about 1 miles per hour then jump...
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