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  1. CTBee

    Team vs Sheff Utd

    Bentley Dalsgaard Konsa Mepham Henry DaSilva McEachran Sawyers Canos Maupay Judge
  2. CTBee

    3 Best and 3 Worst

    Stolen from another forum who do you think our best three and worst three players have been so far this season. For me best three: Maupay McEachran Mepham Worst three: Macleod Bentley Yennaris
  3. CTBee

    Championship predictions 2018/19

    Simply predict top 2, play offs and relegation places for the coming season. No prizes on offer, just bragging rights (bragging rights can only be claimed on posts before 7:45pm tomorrow). I’ll start the ball rolling with: Top 2 Stoke Derby Play offs Middlesbrough Brentford (p) Leeds...
  4. CTBee

    Stats this season

    Attacking We have taken the most shots in the league this season (18.8 per game) We have taken the most shots from outside the box this season (8.8 per game) We have taken the most shots between the edge of the penalty area and the six yard box this season (9 per game) We are 10th in the league...
  5. CTBee

    We need to start making a fuss

    I can't remember a season where we've had so many poor decisions go against us. Off the top of my head: Hogan disallowed goal at Villa when he was onside Blatant pen denied at wolves Blatant pen and red card denied at Derby Hogan goal disallowed vs Burton despite no foul Hogan goal disallowed...
  6. CTBee

    Team for Norwich

    I feel strangely optimistic about this one; if Neil is still in charge for them I think the below line up could turn them over: Bentley Colin Egan Dean Bjelland Barbet Clarke Yennaris McEachran Sawyers Hogan 5-4-1 without the ball, 3-4-3 when we have it.
  7. CTBee

    Most Visited Away Club

    In a bored moment the other I was thinking about which away team I've been to the most times (whilst watching the bees). The answer is Bournemouth, MK and Brighton (tied with 6 each). It got me thinking about the most visited away club by us in recent times. Where you have watched us most...
  8. CTBee

    Champagne moment of the season

    What was your favourite moment of the season? For me two moments stand out: Djuricin's goal at home to QPR and beating them for the first time in 50 years. Forest away; more of a day than a moment but it was a superb away day. Great atmosphere and mental celebrations when the goals went in...
  9. CTBee

    Team vs Derby

    Button Colin Dean JOC Bidwell Yennaris Woods McEachran Swift Judge Vibe Defensive but I think we need to be solid first and the likes of Saunders, Canos and MacLeod can come off of the bench.
  10. CTBee

    Handbag Smiley

    I like the handbag smiley, is that new?
  11. CTBee

    Team vs Bournemouth

    I would go with: --------Button------- Mac-Tarks-Craig-Bidwell ---Tebar--Douglas Dallas-Pritchard-Judge ---------Gray--------
  12. CTBee

    Rotherham away 30th August

    I couldn't make it to this one last season so I'm up for it this time around. Early train prices are £10 each way from St Pancreas to Sheffield then £6.20 for a return from Sheffield to Rotherham Central, so £26.20 in total. How close is the station to the ground? Anyone find it cheaper?
  13. CTBee

    League One Promotion Race 2013/14

    18 games in and we're firmly in the race once again after last night's result. Which teams are going up this year? All matters concerning the League One Promotion picture please discuss here.
  14. CTBee

    Team vs Gills

    Easy for me, same team. If Dave is fit I would put him on the bench ahead of Reeves but no other changes.
  15. CTBee

    Team vs Notts County

    Huge game, the team I would trust for three points are: Lee Thompson Dean Osborne Bidwell Logan Douglas Dave Saunders Morrison Donaldson
  16. CTBee

    Team vs Scunthorpe

    I'd go for: Moore Logan (if fit) Legge Dean Bidwell Bean Dave Douglas Saunders Berahino Donaldson Subs: Lee, Thompson, Forshaw, McGinn, Alexander (if fit) If Logan is injured I'd put Thompson in the team and Pim on the bench. If Gary is injured I'd put Weston on the bench.
  17. CTBee

    Team vs. Bury

    Lee Logan Legge Dean Bidwell Saunders Bean Douglas McGinn Alexander Donaldson Subs: Moore, Eger, Toumani, Weston, Grella
  18. CTBee

    JPT Semi Final draw

    When is the draw? Swindon, Southend and Barnet left in. Who do you want? Best draw for me would be Barnet at home Worst would be Swindon away. Great chance of making Wembley again :bound:
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