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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-0 Coventry

    Good report, and I completely agree that Coventry actually looked alright. I reckon they'll stay up.
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    Welcome to the New Grapevine

    Good job with the new version of the Forum. Thanks to everyone involved in making it a smooth transition. I have one small piece of feedback. In the 'Brentford First Team Matches' page, is it possible to re-arrange so the actual threads are at the top of the page? 99.9% of the time we're going...
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    Griffin Park Auction Items

    Do you still have one available? I'll take one for £50 if you do.
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    FT: Bees 1 - 1 Wycombe (Pinnock)

    Exactly what I thought. I watched the L1 PO final and would have been happy to not see WW come up with that style of football.
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    Oxford (H) Final Score: 2-2

    Yeah that's how I read it. No full stadiums for 20/21.
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    Bryan Mbeumo

    Yes he did. Smith activated it the second they got promoted.
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    Team vs Reading

    Totally agree, we need to take Reading just as seriously as Fulham/WB. We're going to be playing quite a lot of relegation contenders towards the end of the season who will play us like it's a cup final, so we really need to be on it!
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    Team vs Reading

    Ah yes, the Forest game. Probably one of the least enjoyable game I've watched in years. And not just because of the score line.
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    Team vs Reading

    I remember earlier in the season when we rested a load of key players for the Leicester FA cup game, and then when we came back to it, with our starting 11 having had a 2 week break, we played poorly (can't remember who we played against). Momentum is everything...
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    Coronavirus: All Football Suspended

    Quite happy to have Fulham and WB cancelled all together.
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    Fulham (A) - TICKETS NEEDED

    2 needed here. Long shot i know but it would be much appreciated if they’re not needed.
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    Champagne moment V Leicester

    My champagne moment had to be the Ealing road terrace’s massively long “aaaghh” that just kept going and even got louder again at one point lol Let’s keep up the noise for Tuesday! Aside from that, the team did me proud today. A great performance from a young bunch who don’t have much...
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    Team vs Leicester

    Exactly. Liverpool’s B team was hammered by Villa in the EFL Cup. Different circumstances I know, but I doubt they care too much about the loss given what they are winning / have won instead. They made their choice. If we get beaten proper, so be it.
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    Let's Make it No Empty Spaces for QPR *TICKET EXCHANGE OPEN*

    Mine and the missus’s tickets on the exchange. N505 row H. Just left of the dug out. Can’t make it as abroad.
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    Champagne moment V Bristol City

    This is a great champagne moment lol!
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