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    Ground Entry at HT?

    Probably an obvious question to some, but do the security people at GP allow entry into a game at half-time? My missus can't make it to the AV game tonight for kick-off and I was wondering if she would be able to get in a bit later?
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    Bristol City 26th December (Boxing Day)

    Unless I'm blind, I don't see a thread yet for this. Hotel booked already for this. 3pm kick-off. Not sure I trust the trains over this week, so I'll be driving.
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    Finding out about past BFC fan history

    This is probably a long shot, but I'm going to ask anyway. Is there any way of finding out info to do with past regular fans/ST holders from years gone by? I found out yesterday when visiting my gran in hospital yesterday that the chap she married after she had been married to my granddad...
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