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    Braemar Road Stand - A Bees Match Analysis Blog

    Hi everyone I hope this is allowed on the forum/in the right section, apologies if not! I've started writing a blog analysing Brentford matches and have begun with the 3-2 win over Bristol City on Wednesday, it's not particularly stats heavy but essentially just a collection of breakdowns and...
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    18 games in a row (tier 2)

    Thought we could all do with a bit of perspective, regardless of opinions we may hold about this seasons team. As Rafa Benitez would say, “YOU WHANA TAK ABAT DE FAKTS?” 19/20 season 112 days since season started 18 games played inc. cup games knocked out of the League Cup straight off 6.2...
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    Your favourite memory of me

    Winter games at Lionel Road won’t be the same as Griffin Park, what’s your favourite snowball memory?
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