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  1. Beat Poet

    Away kit at home

    I can't remember the source, but for Camberley it was due to competition rules stating "where the colours (shirts, shorts or stockings) of the two competing clubs are similar, both clubs must change, unless arrangements are mutually agreed by the competing clubs".
  2. Beat Poet

    Brentford FC - Wikipedia - The Stats

    A guy who I presume is a Coventry City supporter, Skyblueshaun, basically "moved in" on all FL clubs' season pages as far as I can tell.
  3. Beat Poet

    Brentford FC - Wikipedia - The Stats

    Not replying to this post specifically, but neither WP or I have anything to do with Brentford F.C. - Wikipedia., given the high traffic/spam it receives. There are some nutters out there who diligently update the kits for all league clubs. Aside from doing stats and cleanup, I don't have much...
  4. Beat Poet

    Oldest surviving player to have played for Brentford FC?

    The average lineup during the 1962-63 Fourth Division championship season was Cakebread, Coote, Anthony, Higginson, Gelson, Crowe, Block, Brooks, McAdams, Dick, McLeod. Only Anthony (76) and Gelson (78) are still alive!
  5. Beat Poet

    Worst signing of the last decade

    Not only did he never get named in a matchday squad, he didn't even receive a squad number from what I can tell.
  6. Beat Poet

    Worst signing of the last decade

    Got distracted by:
  7. Beat Poet

    Worst signing of the last decade

    Only big lumps I can come up with are Leon Constantine, Efan Ekoku and Jide Olugbodi. Can't find any ex-Spurs.
  8. Beat Poet

    Worst signing of the last decade

    Currently plying his trade for Portuguese third-tier outfit Espinho.
  9. Beat Poet

    Worst signing of the last decade

    You're a little crossed up I'm afraid. He played with Bees on loan for the duration of the 2002-03 season. Scored in that 3-0 League Cup win for Luton over Bees early in the 2006-07 season. Returned to Bees on loan from QPR in November 2010.
  10. Beat Poet

    Worst signing of the last decade

    Don't know if he's been mentioned yet, but Rowan Vine. Signed on loan for about six weeks in November 2010 and didn't even receive a call into a first team squad.
  11. Beat Poet

    Most entertaining characters at GP

    Bit random, but was Andy Dibble ever good value? Seem to remember some bantz being traded between him and the Brook Road during the KOC "that volley" match in 2004. Don't know if it was a regular thing?
  12. Beat Poet

    Dick Molyneux - question for the historians

    Good spot, don't know how I missed that! The 102 game total is I believe what A-Z Bees gave as his record, which would be the entire league record for 1903-1906 and they didn't take into account of cup matches and all the matches he missed due to illness and the subsequent caretaker spells. I'll...
  13. Beat Poet

    1950's (?) Youth Squad

    Would that make the pic between 1957 and 1963, if a Birmingham City book source is to be believed about Goodwin being back with the club in a coaching capacity in those years?
  14. Beat Poet

    Brentford FC - Hall of Fame

    Predominately, long service, whether as a player or staff member, plus involvement with a promotion-winning team, seems to be the main criteria. Interestingly, Jamie Bates and Billy Lane are the only two players on the the club's 10 highest appearances and goals lists respectively who have not...
  15. Beat Poet

    The last time we scored 5, 6, 7 +

    That 5-4 match was an away defeat.
  16. Beat Poet

    The last time we scored 5, 6, 7 +

    We've definitely been at sixes and sevens plenty of times over the years!
  17. Beat Poet

    Brentford FC - Wikipedia - The Stats

    Cheers, the odd cock up happens when you try to invent new records. Turns out the lowest negative home goal difference we've had is -17 in 2006-07, our disastrous relegation season from League One.
  18. Beat Poet

    The last time we scored 5, 6, 7 +

    Opening day of the 1982-83 season, Mahoney, Joseph (2) and Roberts (2).
  19. Beat Poet

    Come back kids

    Thought of two, Rowan Vine and David Partridge - didn't even make the bench in their second spells! Not that Partridge was any good in his first spell though.
  20. Beat Poet

    It was 20 years ago today... might help jog a few memories of results and transfer dealings during the season.
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