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  1. Beat Poet

    The New GPG - Issues and Feedback

    Would be good if "Users Who Are Viewing This Forum" could go at the bottom. At busy times it takes up the whole screen on mobile.
  2. Beat Poet

    Spring 2016 GPG Upgrade

    I miss tapping on a thread and being taken to my first unread post!
  3. Beat Poet

    Spring 2016 GPG Upgrade

    Is there any way to get back to the old skin on mobile?
  4. Beat Poet

    Twitter Feed

    Would it even be ethical to put stories from the official site/Chronny on a Twitter feed anyway, given that most of the stories are already posted on Twitter by the original sites? Bite-size bits of info or well wishes would be fine I guess, like "best wishes to @ElAlagui up at @dundeeunitedfc...
  5. Beat Poet

    New smilies suggestion thingy

    Not quite, a facepalm is more of a reserved way of saying "****'s sake".
  6. Beat Poet

    Banned From GPG

    Could anyone sum up the Davee saga in a few words? Somehow missed all that.
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