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  1. Beat Poet

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    NNwqSFNN3p0 Worth watching through to the end!
  2. Beat Poet

    Future of Test matches

    Moved to Sheffield at age 9, played all his county cricket for Yorkshire, supports Sheffield Wednesday?
  3. Beat Poet

    England - The Ashes 2017/18

    There always seems to be an element of "Brits Abroad" when England head down to the antipodes, whether it be all this or people like Aggers commenting that the team has the feeling about it that they're away for a holiday in the sun, away from winter over here.
  4. Beat Poet

    England - The Ashes 2017/18

    Glenn McGrath leaked it?
  5. Beat Poet

    England v South Africa Test series

    Gets the hattrick after a review, England win.
  6. Beat Poet

    Kevin Pietersen

    No longer, he's quit Twitter!
  7. Beat Poet

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Now 7-1.
  8. Beat Poet

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    I was listening to that podcast where he sounded fairly optimistic, now today he's back with the retirement talk.
  9. Beat Poet

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    I don't know if anyone's heard it, but there's a good podcast about the Rocket at, "Ronnie's Return".
  10. Beat Poet

    Tiger Woods

    Could be thrown out of the Masters and dropped an F-bomb.
  11. Beat Poet

    Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong 'doping confession' in Oprah interview.
  12. Beat Poet

    Sir Andy Murray

    I don't think Fed came across as arrogant, though he was obviously made to look arrogant, in the same way the likes of Tiger Woods or whoever would look opposite the losing underdog breaking down in tears.
  13. Beat Poet

    Sir Andy Murray

    Well done to him, but I think his attitude/temper will let him down.
  14. Beat Poet

    Sir Andy Murray

    I like the way it's always "Andy Murray's quest for a first Grand Slam...", which implies he will win more than one.
  15. Beat Poet

    The boat race

    I couldn't believe the hype on the radio, all this guff about how it promised to be one of the most exciting and closest races ever. There's only two teams for Christ's sake, and they only get one pass at it.
  16. Beat Poet

    Sir Andy Murray

    Not too dissimilar to the England football team then, though thankfully he's not subject to the same amount of ridiculous press hype and bile.
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