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    Team for Spurs in the League Cup Semi-Final (05-Jan-21)

    Oh well, one door closes, another opens. The likes of Ivan, Rico and Vitaly who have played virtually every possible minute since the international break finally get a relative break. Then Boro in the other cup – who cares? – so it has to be the first XI surely? No sentimental rotation, just go...
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    TAPs for 2020/1 Season

    With everything else happening this year, there have been far more important things to think about than TAPs, but I wondered if anyone ITK had an update on the club’s thinking on TAPs/allocations going forward? There was a lot of chat around the Luton/Fulham games and then, for obvious reasons...
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    Match 32 of the Championship (Tue 11th & Wed 12th Feb)

    Tues 11th Feb 19:45 Brentford v Leeds 19:45 Forest v Charlton Wed 12th Feb 19:45 Bristol City v Wayne Rooney 19:45 Millwall v Fulham 19:45 Reading v WBA 19:45 Stoke v Preston Some cracking match-ups on Tuesday and Wednesday, besides the champions of Europe at GP. Fulham at Millwall, the...
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    Brentford FC 2017/18 Report & Accounts

    Filed at Companies House today, so available by the end of the week. Should make interesting reading. Here's a link to last year's for anyone interested:
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    £70mn Disposal Squad

    Just for a bit of fun to show how the DoFs have worked their magic over the past few seasons. The numbers are from memory/guess. So if anyone ITK can improve (esp. due to add-ons, etc.) I'll update. What a time to be a Bee ;)
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    Parachute Payments

    Another great article from @Swiss Ramble, detailing parachute payments across recent and future seasons: * Stoke, Swansea and WBA get £91m over three seasons 2018/19-2020/21 if not promoted back. * QPR have already had (and wasted) £74m of their £90m from 2015's relegation. * Premier League...
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    Bees v. Sheffield Wednesday (19-Aug-18) Match Reports & Reaction

    The Bees are now fourth in the bookies’ odds to win the division. Make no mistake, that’s no over-reaction. We are playing the best football outside the top of the premier league. We dispatched Wednesday with the minimum of fuss with a team effort that was on the one hand completely...
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    Bees v Rotherham (04-Aug-18) Match Reports and Reaction

    The best performances I've witnessed as a Bees fan of nearly 50 years were mid season 2014-15, e.g. Cardiff away. Today was right up there. Rovrum might not be very good in Championship terms, but we were superb. Solid back five. Really balanced midfield, with Josh and Romaine happy to take the...
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    2018-19 - The Big Opportunity?

    With Rotherham taking the final place in the 2018-19 Championship we know all the oppo for next season. Obviously there's a long summer to get through, and this is simply to while away the off-season not tempt fate, but it's hard not to be optimistic: The 2 best sides (IMHO) got promoted this...
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    Brentford v. Forest (21-Nov-15) Reports & Reactions

    There are some days when 60 seconds at Griffin Park make up for all the trials and tribulations, all the disappointments and frustrations of being a lifetime Bees supporter. Today was one. Thank you Hof!
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    TV trailer for Friday's game (NOT)

    Just in case time is passing slowly ahead of Friday. This is how it might be in a universe far, far away... ;)
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    Steve Claridge reacts to the Bees reaching the play-offs

    The footage you didn't see on the Football League Show ;) :
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    Bees v. Blackpool (24 Feb) reports & reaction

    Well that was a nice change wasn't it? 20 minutes in, all done and dusted and the simple question of how many we'd score vs. how early Warbs would choose to rest some players for the next two games. Blackpool were truly dreadful; we were wonderful. Some of the skill from Pritch, Jota, Moses et...
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    Bees v. Charlton (St. Valentine's Day) Match Report & Reaction

    I started the thread after Leeds last week feeling about as good as I’ve ever felt as a Bee. If a week is a long time in politics, what the hell is it at Griffin Park? A totally abject performance reflecting a totally abject five days in the life of Brentford FC. Only Button of the starting XI...
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    Leeds United away (7-Feb-15) - Reports and reactions

    About to get the 18:05 from Leeds to Kings Cross so unlikely to be the first back, but who cares when there's a celebratory beer or two to be had after a performance like that :) Fabulous skill, character and desire shown by every player yet again and, yet again, we could and should have been...
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    What a 2014... and here's to an equally happy 2015!

    By my reckoning, our record in calendar 2014 is: P47 W25 D10 L12 F73 A56 PTS85 So, an average 1.5 goals and almost unbelievable 1.8 points per game over a whole year. Has there ever been a better one? What an outstanding performance by all concerned: :warbs:, players, coaching staff, the GP...
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    Bees v Cardiff City (20 Dec 14) Reports & Reaction

    Sitting on the 17:25 to Paddington so hopefully will be one of the first back:) Immense first half with a quality of football you'd find impossible to believe was not Premier League, but also a work rate that was the ultimate compliment to Warbs and the coaching staff (and which partially...
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    New Year's Day football... not

    Following the :warbs: mantra of "take each game at a time", I hadn't looked closely at the fixture list beyond Wolves. Where's the fixture on New Year's Day? What on earth are you meant to do without a Bees match? This Championship malarky certainly takes a bit of getting used to... If you ask...
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    Bees v. Wolves (29/11/14) Match Reports and Reactions

    Ok. I'm having this ridiculous dream: we’re back in the Championship and we've just stuffed Wolves 4-0 in front of the eighth 10000+ crowd in a row – attendances we haven’t had for 50 years. We’ve just won our 5th league game on the bounce, which we last did in the second tier 75 years ago...
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    How to run a football club...

    We are rightly proud of everything being done at Brentford under MB, MW and team, but the Telegraph today has a terrific article on Southampton, and the way they've looked at every aspect of improving their set-up over the past five years. I suspect they're very similar approaches. Well worth...
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