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  1. red_and_white

    Rotation for Brighton (h) and Reading (a)

    How best to use our squad for these two games in quick succession? My thoughts: Button (both games obviously) Colin (use Yennaris from sub bench? A lot to ask to play both games) Tarkowski (both games) Dean (both games) Bidwell (both games) Diagouraga (McCormack to start against Reading)...
  2. red_and_white

    Atmosphere vs Performance

    Tommy Smith on the run in: “The hardest things is when the pressure comes down from the fans. It’s hard to try not to get caught up in that. Everyone does it, even at the top level, you see guys getting sucked into the atmosphere and that’s part of football.” In recent weeks - since the...
  3. red_and_white


    Did anyone see how good Wales were tonight? OK, Israel were poor, but the way Wales moved the ball was top standard and they're half way to topping group B! If they had a striker/hold up player they would be a genuine force! Gareth Bale continues to impress me too. Some sublime bits of...
  4. red_and_white

    Paul Stephenson

    Does anyone remember Paul Stephenson for us? Was he good? Rufus Brevett said he was the best player he played against on the interview below !! I was only 6 when he played for us so don't know much about him.
  5. red_and_white

    Our fans this season

    Obviously the credit this season should go the playing staff and management, but the supporters of this can really hold their heads up high this season. The attendance at Orient was just unbelievable considering the sky cameras, early KO and number of games in that period. It really shocked...
  6. red_and_white

    World Cup Qatar 2022 - Can it be Stopped?

    Is Football worth so many lives? 2 people died in South Africa building stadia for 2010 7 people have died in South America for 2014 1200 people have died already building Qatar's venues. How is this not bigger news? Does this make anyone else angry?Can anything be done here to stop it...
  7. red_and_white


    I found a solitary ticket for the final at Brentford station yesterday evening. It would be great if it could find it's way back to the owner so please send me a direct message with the block and row that the rest your tickets are on. Hopefully then we can arrange collection on the day. This...
  8. red_and_white

    Bristol Rovers player arrested...

  9. red_and_white

    The most important goal of the season so far was..

    a) Elder against Bradford b) Phillips against Notts County c) MacDonald against Exeter d) Rhodes against Accrington e) other...please state.........................
  10. red_and_white

    Rotherham in trouble

    facing another possible 10 point deduction.
  11. red_and_white

    How best to spend the 50k coca-cola?

    All on one player, 2 or 3, or maybe more?
  12. red_and_white

    Swansea allocation at Griffin Park They seem to think they have 4000 tickets. Anyone know if this is true?
  13. red_and_white

    Line up for Swindon

    Whats everyones oppinion on the line up for saturday? I think Rankin should partner Owusu up front. They did enough for me. I want to see Lewis retain his place, I think hes better than people give him credit for. If o'connor starts, rhodes left wing and tillen on bench and attack from the...
  14. red_and_white

    Song for the back 4 and nelson

    to the tune of you are my sunshine... Our defensive foursome, is f****** awesome, With kev o'connor and Frampers too, Turner and sodje are far from dodgy, and nelsons there if they get through....
  15. red_and_white

    Team Vs Col U

    Gd evenin everybody. Who will get teh nod with newman then? I think its a tough decision but I feel MA will probably go with the more attacking option of hutchinson.
  16. red_and_white

    Will Gayle be dropped when Owusu returns?

    Thats two really solid performances from Gayle now, MK Dons and at forest. He has done his job so well and has displayed great targetman charachteristics. If we play one of the little quick strikers (e.g peters and dj campbell) i can see it working. I think at the moment our best strike...
  17. red_and_white

    D***head Utd 2004/2005

    .....................................GK???..................................... ................D.Coles.......T.Vaughan.......P.Mcshane............. ..............(Bristol C).....(Barnsley)........(Walsall)........... ....M.Rowlands.....P.Hall.......M.Chopra.......S.McPhail...
  18. red_and_white

    Leg one- How many bee's to travel to sheffield?

    Having the away leg first, and the fact its a thursday night might discourage a large amount to travel i believe. How many will we bring. my guess is 2,500. higher or lower?
  19. red_and_white

    Hartlepool and Sheffield Wednesday

    I dont know about any of you but I cant wait till saturday has gone. Is anyone else more exited about the massive league games coming up including that familiar trip to hartelpool and a home showdown against the owls? During this mess, hartlepool and bournemouth have both lost and we find...
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