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  1. sussexb

    Play off Final - Overseas TV

    Apologies if this has been done elsewhere - but I live in Sri Lanka and am trying to work out if any of the satellite channels here will be showing the final. I've found a pub that will happy to be show it... if it's on. Does anyone have any idea?
  2. sussexb

    JPT Final Updates

    Shall all of us poor buggers who can't be there have somewhere to talk about it then?
  3. sussexb

    Barcelona vs Real Madrid

    Not sure if this should be in here or in Chat - but I'm gonna be in Barcelona next weekend when they're playing Real. :bound: Can't get tickets (not surprising really) but wondered if anyone knew Barcelona and could recommend a good bar/place to watch it in? Should be a good atmosphere...
  4. sussexb

    England Cricket Tour of South Africa 2009/2010

    Decent start in the first warm up at 294/7 at the moment. Morgan looking good again. How are people feeling about this tour? I'm thinking we could struggle in the Tests, especially if their bowlers perform to their best...
  5. sussexb

    Shane Westley

    According to my girlfriend's copy of Grazia (ahem, and feel free to take the p***), Shane Westley now runs an exclusive health club in Mayfair and is "the man Kate Moss called when she wanted to lose her baby weight". :eek: Shane Westley and Kate Moss are two names I never thought I'd read in...
  6. sussexb

    Chairmen from Hell

    Don't know if anyone else spotted this - from today's Guardian in an article about Romanov. Their list of "chairmen from hell" = Robert Maxwell, Bob Lord and... Ron Noades. "Brentford 1998-2003. The former Crystal Palace chairman removed Mickey Adams after taking over at Brentford and...
  7. sussexb

    Anything you'd like us to say??!

    Apparently, because BFC sold my brother's season ticket seat "in error" for the replay next Tues, we are now being seated in the "director's area" to make up for it... Not sure exactly what that means, but if we are sat amongst our esteemed board members, is there anything anyone'd like us to...
  8. sussexb

    Worst Bees Players

    We've had most despised opposing player, so how about worst Brentford player...? And I don't mean despised, I just mean rubbish! My votes go to Mickey Bennett, Murray Jones, Joe Omigie, Leo Fortune West (and have you seen how many goals he's scored since he left us??), Joe Allon (Stan...
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