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  1. Beat Poet

    London Tonight Mo Farrah Coverage!

    Hopefully only the London 2012 "Golden Generation" have succumbed to it, not their successors.
  2. Beat Poet

    PODS: Post Olympics Depression Syndrome

    It was a weight off my shoulders it being over really, just far too much media hype. Far more "sad" about the Test series with SA being done.
  3. Beat Poet

    London 2012 Olympic games

    Sepultura, Soulfly, gimme some of that...
  4. Beat Poet

    Gold Silver Bronze - your top three moments of London 2012

    Not a mention of Pendleton, telling! Maybe it's the prospect of the TV career and adverts.
  5. Beat Poet

    Colin Murray on 5live

    He's good doing sports coverage, but he has this arrogant side which comes out when doing music.
  6. Beat Poet

    London 2012 Olympic games

    From BBC on Twitter: North Korean women's football team walk off pitch at Hampden Park after South Korean flag wrongly displayed before Olympic match v Colombia.
  7. Beat Poet

    The Olympic Torch

    It came past the top of my road a couple of hours ago, couldn't see much through the window, but it did seem a bit naff.
  8. Beat Poet

    London 2012 Olympic games

    Same here, though this will be my only negative post on the subject. I don't think we'll have every medal win rammed down our throats, but Ennis has definitely been built up to be the great British hope.
  9. Beat Poet

    Beckham Omitted from Olympic Football Team

    Was Beckham ever really that good for England? A few memorable goals from set pieces, but there was the sending off in 98, that dreadful penalty in 04 and crying like a baby in 06.
  10. Beat Poet

    Beckham Omitted from Olympic Football Team

    I bet some of the players playing abroad didn't harm their game either!
  11. Beat Poet

    Beckham Omitted from Olympic Football Team

    With regards to England, besides grassroots and all that, the manager bowing to whatever the public wants is another root of the problem. There seems to be this whole "ceremonial" thing attached to Beckham these days, like taking him along to the last WC as a coach, fat lot of difference that...
  12. Beat Poet

    Beckham Omitted from Olympic Football Team

    Pearce probably figured that having two of the over 23s aged at 37 and 38 was a little too over the top, since obviously his job is to bring home a medal, preferably the gold. There seemed to be less outrage in 2006 when McClaren dumped Beckham from England, then aged 31 and still playing for...
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