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  1. Beat Poet

    The World Cup Thread

    Neymar out of the tournament with a fractured vertebrae.
  2. Beat Poet

    Match 37: Costa Rica v England

    They did the same on Five Live, they just openly said "this England match is boring" and switched over to Uruguay v Italy for the remainder.
  3. Beat Poet

    Match 37: Costa Rica v England

    I wonder if Hodgson really believes what he says in interviews, sounds very forced and scripted to me.
  4. Beat Poet

    Match 7 England v Italy 1-2 (sturridge)

    Switch to Freeview channel 301!
  5. Beat Poet

    England vs Ecuador

    Anybody out there can clap their hands, clench their fists and shout "****ing come on!" when going up for a corner. Gerrard is so easily bypassed, his knees appear to have gone. Not having Gerrard around also seems to allow England's (and Liverpool's) faster players to pick the ball up from...
  6. Beat Poet

    England v Peru

    Non-British teams never seem to really give much of a toss about winning friendlies as the home nations, they just seem to blood a few players and have a kickabout. England tend to use them for morale-boosters.
  7. Beat Poet

    England v Peru

    Mexican wave going round.
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