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    Season tickets and match day prices 2017/18

    Son's arrived on Monday, mine today. He got two badges!
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    Parking in The Ham - Car Break ins

    Parked my car in The Ham at 6.30 this evening, came back at 10.00 to find some toe rag had shattered the rear hatchback window to gain access to the boot and stolen my work bag :mad1: Another Bee who was passing told me I was the 4th car he's seen done recently. They're doing a lot of building...
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    QPR (A) March 12 - 2,769 Tickets - Sold Out

    I must admit the idea of giving them any of my hard earned hurts... but I've done just that :blush
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    2015-16 Season Tickets

    There's a pattern emerging with the tickets website ~ leave it for a day and works a treat!
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    Overseas/"Tourist" Fans

    Ok I'll bite. So all our younger fans are never going to be proper fans? The Oak was a great part of our history but were all moving on..
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    Trouble at Brentford Station??

    Came out of New Road to walk down Brook Road back toward the car. Stopped by police at Brook Road away fans exit so ended up walking down Clifden with the Foolham. On half Acre one of them tried to stop a bus for no apparent reason, plod pushed him out the way, he fell, lots of shouting and...
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    Early Bird Season Tickets

    I imagine a 15 to 20% increase...
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    Lionel Road Stadium: Plans on View

    Sorry but I've clearly missed this point if mentioned in the past ~ there is already the design possibility of upgrading the stadium to 25k? I know there was talk of 30k+ but as mentioned elsewhere only if serious cash was spent building over railway lines. Can you explain the 25k upgrade more...
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    League One Promotion Race 2013/14

    Time to dream the dream? Fulham relegated, QPR blow the play offs. Yeovil relegated (they never deserved it), Doncaster relegated (obvious reasons), Charlton & Millwall survive oh and we get promoted... Time to max out your Oyster card on local away games
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    League one average gate 2013/14

    My son came today (Arsenal season ticket holder ~ ho hum...), first time in a while. Said the improvement in style was noticeable. If he's not alone in that view, and others have said they bought mates today who were impressed, then the only way is up for attendances IMHO.
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    'Rose tinted brigade' versus 'Doom and gloom' 2013/14

    I heard someone say "We had no right to win that" as I walked out :rolleyes:
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    >>>> Lionel Road Stadium. NOT ENOUGH BFC Supporters Have Written In <<<<

    Apologies duplicate post but... Can you provide a link to their issues please?
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    >>>> Lionel Road Stadium. NOT ENOUGH BFC Supporters Have Written In <<<<

    Can you provide a link to their issues please?
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    Lionel Road Stadium: Plans on View

    Fullers do an Indian Pale Ale "Bengal Lancer". Food wise there must be a company that can provide quality pies (frozen) that can be defrosted as required. Ditto decent pasties etc. Herta hot dogs are good too. I imagine the more advanced ticketing system that LR may have would provide a level of...
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    Lionel Road Stadium: Plans on View

    Dear Fuller, Smith & Turner, you have circa 3 years to develop a lager that tastes better than that nats p*ss Thai stuff they sell down the road at Chelsea Library for when you sponsor Brentford at Lionel Road. The competition / bar is set very low so shouldnt be too hard.:)
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    Hey Jude

    Watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics I heard McCartney murder it ~ should have asked Bees fans
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    What Should Our New Stadium Look Like?

    Just thought I'm come on to GPG to see what had happened over the past week for 5 mins before the Euro footie and blimey, were gonna build a new stadium, at last, by the looks of it. Many things I'd love to see about the new stadium but do you know what? I'll take whatever I'm given. Not that I...
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    The Dug-outs: A Poll

    Having the the oppo walk across the pitch in wet mid winter conditions is all a bit non league for me ~ move em back to where they belong.
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    Lionel Road Update - June 2010

    Did anyone notice the hoardings (Brook & Ealing ends) of TVU announcing er.. an annoucement on 20.10.2010?
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    Bank Holiday Monday ~ Parking

    LBH want the cash from your wallet. Normal weekday parking restrictions will apply and the parking enforcement officers will be out on overtime. You have been warned.
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