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    Sergi Canós - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    Useful addition to have in time for the play offs
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    Bryan Mbeumo - Signs to June 2024

    Nor the (delayed) £6m for Woods from Stoke?
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    Andreas Bjelland - Signs to June 2018

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but when was the last time, if ever, that we had players at the World Cup?
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    Harlee Dean - (Signs for Birmingham City)

    Please can we put Dean under a long term contract a.s.a.p.?
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    Romaine Sawyers - Signed for West Brom

    On Saturday Romaine had a poor game and I was one of many who pointed it out. Well tonight, Romaine, if you read this board (unlikey) I owe you beer. Your are a bit of an enigma but for me now a BFC legend for helping us to beat the enemy at theirs after so many years.
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    Romaine Sawyers - Signed for West Brom

    No, as they werent so obvious. It clearly wasnt Romaine's afternoon. It happens. He should have been subbed earlier.
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    Romaine Sawyers - Signed for West Brom

    Hmm... no worse? I lost count with how many times he gave the ball away.
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    Toumani Diagouraga - Signs to June 2015

    Superb today. Class.
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    Marcello Trotta - Signs on Loan till end of 2013/14

    I agree ~ he's getting better and better imho ~ hope we get him.
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    Rosler and management team

    Yes and he didnt seem to want to speak to his assistant either. I think he's suffering...
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    So, who should we fear in League 2?

    Agree with all of the above but don't care if we don't win the division just so long as we finish top 3!
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    Nathan Elder

    Strong in challenges but open play ball control needs a bit of work ~ maybe a bit rusty / lack of first team play?
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    Scott Out ... or in?

    Sadly didnt go to yesterdays game (had family over) but witnessed the Wycombe game. The definitive game of two halves. There is the maxim that if you want the next generation of manager to come through you have to allow them to make & learn from their own mistakes. The 2nd half of the Wycombe...
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    Leroy: "An impossible job"

    I heard him on BBC London earlier say that he wanted to get back in to management... :rolleyes:
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    New manager: Terry Butcher

    According to BBC London it's a 2 year deal
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    Have we made the best use of the Fighting Chance fund

    It was always a risk, done in the hope that we could salavage something from an otherwise disastrous Leroy period but yeah the team is getting better and it certainly got us noted (again) as a different type of supported club. As for the suggestion that we should have just given MA what he...
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    I think we are are for the drop. Yes in theory its too early to say were down but just look at the reality of our situation - Brentford goals are as as rare as Tony Blair apologies. I fear for next (4th division) season, reduced gates but existing / static running costs. We must get rid of the...
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    Players Raising Transfer Revenue

    I agree with Ace Face - to clear the debt by developing players with a view to selling on is common sense
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    Signings so far....

    Another keeper of some merit surely as Nelson needs to have some competition.
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