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    Bees v Rams Champagne Moment

    Did Derby sell out the Wendy house? Not sure I really believe what I saw but I think a tout was offering 2 tickets to Derby fans at £100 a pop. Now I know were a good team and that they were doing well and will probably get promoted but apart from a few cup games this is aspect of the new...
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    Champagne moment V Reading

    Enjoyed the New Road "Wait! Wait!" in support of the ref telling a Reading player not to take a quick free kick. I think it was 2-1 at that point so all of us repeating it was an involuntary nervous response!!
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    FT: Blackpool 1 v 2 (Pritchard, Dallas) Brentford

    Finish the season right now. Us in 12th, Fulham in a relegation spot.
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    Bees v Tranny Reports and Reaction

    More than awkward surely ~ they could have been 2 up but for the crossbar. Once we score you know we'll win but until then we do look vunarable at times.
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    Bees v Wolves...updates....

    All the best boys - from Thailand
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    Champagne moment vs Port Vale

    I'm with you on this. Tricky one but much as I'd like to see Fulham get relegated I'd also like them to stay up so they sell him to us for the championship. Not sure they would sell if were in the same division but he'd be a natural in the 2nd tier.
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    Bees v Colchester Match Reports

    Sitting in New Road as I was, listening to some of the frankly embarrassing crap he was subject to I was amazed at his restraint. He knows what's going on at the training ground, in the treatment and changing rooms. One or two of the most mouthy "fans" quite rightly were laughed at as we walked...
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    Yeovil Town match reports and reaction

    If Yeovil do indeed have the lowest budget in Div 3 hard to see how they're going to compete in the Championship. We will lose players for def. Uwe will be around next year though. However with a new stadium on its way / to fill the clock is ticking for any manager we might now have ...
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    Champagne moment V Chelsea (away)

    Sitting in the Matthew Harding Stand upper (directly opposite Brentford) with 5 CFC work mates. The quietest football ground I have ever been to. Heard all of the Brentford chants quite clearly and the Chelski fans giggling at "we want Torres" etc.
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    Martin Allen on ITV Today

    Saw him standing outside their "museum" before the game ~ guessed he was going to do a TV spot and that he (red tie and all) was there to talk on behalf of the bees
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    Carlisle Match Reports and Reaction

    I've only seen the Bee's on TV this season and both times they've looked superb. Dunno what all the moanings about... :wave:
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    Huddersfield match reports and reaction

    Sadly I havent seen so many Bees games this season but they looked good tonight. Is the GP pitch really the problem to home form?
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    Bees v Huddersfield Reports and Reaction

    Great. Went last Monday. Couldnt make today and they turn in a blinder by the sounds of things....:rolleyes:
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    Orient Reports & Reactions

    Poor game. Just pleased with the points. Kev was king I thought.
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    Who's not going to Leeds then....

    Having my roots done :rolleyes:
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    Charlton - Car Parking

    Correct (see back of LBH parking ticket) you have 14 days to contest (make sure its at the Civic Centre by this Friday the 8th as the 14th day falls over the weekend) and if they reject the waiver you have a further 14 days to pay the reduced fine. DO NOT pay the fine anhead of appealing it...
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    Brentford v Doncaster: (Rearranged: Tues 12th Jan)

    Was thinking of going out tonight (nothing good on telly) but I'm not going to miss one of ROB's annual suicide blogs......
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    Charlton - Car Parking

    I've also just e-mailed Paul with my views. Out of interest what time were others ticketed? I parked at 2 ish but note the time of issue is exactly 8 mins after kick off ~ the perfect time to ticket everyone knowing they wouldnt be around to question the issuer? Or is that just me assuming a...
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