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    Ollie Watkins on TalkSport today

    On Talk Sport just after midday today
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    Poppy Shirts

    Whatever happened to the Poppy Shirts this season. Did I miss the auctions on behalf of the RBL as sure i received an email saying they would be up for grabs. Tweeted Mark Devlin some time ago but got no response to that. Anyone out there know ?
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    Search Facility

    If you use the search facility, its lists all the threads that your search words appear in. However, is there anyway of narrowing it down to specific posts within that thread. Not so much an issue when the thread is only a page or two long but when it's 113 pages, there's a lot of pages to...
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    Johnny Brooks - Brentford FC - RIP

    Passed away last night from what i have been told. RIP Johnny
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    Youdan Trophy 2015

    Bees invited to Sheffield for this tournament to celebrate the first ever Football trophy, U14 side in an 8 team tournament. To counter the opening day disappointment in the Milk Cup, our team here won 4 0 allbeit against the FAB academy. One would hope we would beat a team of puppets. Other...
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    Hartlepool last game Fancy Dress antics

    Always quite enjoyed watching you tube clips of their fans dressing up for their last game but seems that this year's theme is a bit controversial. Bob Marley and blacking up is the name of the game but appears that it's causing a right uproar. Kick it Out being to the forefront. Maybe it's...
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    Press Cuttings - Pictures and Stories from the late 1940s onwards

    What better way to start than a picture regarding something Brentford should be so proud of...
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    Harry Curtis - My 21 Years at Brentford

    Back in 1947, Harry Curtis penned a series of articles which were printed in The Brentford and Chiswick Times. I obtained a scrapbook last year which had some cuttings from this series and WandererPaul just jogged my memory about it, so if I can manage to scan bits and pieces, I'll post them...
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    U18 Professional Development League 2

    Trying to find information on the U18s league is not as easy as it should be but finally found a current league table. No doubt it's on the Official site somewhere but I can't find it, just results and nice little reports. Even on the GPG we rarely touch on the future of our club Anyhow, here...
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    Nfl 2013

    Too tired to say much but nice little season opener. A bit of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Not sure what was the most comical, the two Ravens clashing into each other on a punt catch or Broncos' Trevathan intercepting a Flacco pass and dropping the ball before entering the End Zone and then...
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    Cigarette - Trade - Gum Cards & Stickers of Brentford FC

    I know there are several collectors out there but the GPG Panini thread made me think about this idea. At some point I will try and list all the Brentford cards I possess but what about others. Maybe it'd be nice to have a 'definitive' list of cards ft Brentford and at some point, Scans can be...
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    England v SL 2nd ODI

    It's not looking good - not good at all SL 173-1 off 28 - God knows what the score would be if we didn't have Harmison who's bowled 7 overs and got 1-13. Special mention for Mahmood 5 overs costing 59
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    Aussies v S Africa - deciding ODI

    Australia on verge of World Record ODI score. 374-2 off 46 now 374-3 off 46.1 Ponting 148* off 97 balls - 8 sixes :eek:
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    Middlesex v Sussex

    Middlesex crash from 45-0 to 48-7 as 6 consecutive batsmen get ducks :eek: rofl
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    Brentford v Luton Babycham moment

    Jamie Lawrence - what was with the handbag :eek:
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    Ron Atkinson

    has resigned from ITV Sport after making off air racist comments what a rick :rolleyes:
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    Brian Lara

    Hats off to the man Captained a side which have been outclassed for 3 tests, personally has no form in the series and what does he do a second test career triple century :eek: oh well, i suppose the whitewash dream is over :( Question is now, is he going to go on and reclaim his test...
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    Deportivo v Milan

    3 - 0 to Deportivo at Half Time :eek: 4-4 on aggregate
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    Carling Cup Final

    2- 0 Boro after 6 minutes :eek:
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    Sri Lanka Vs England 2nd Test

    Well, not a bad day for England SL 277-7 at the close on a pretty good batting wicket. Just a shame that we let that Tilakaratne and Vaas put on a useful 60+ for that 7th wicket. Nice to see Giles getting more wickets as well.
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