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  1. davebee

    Lionel Road Hall of Fame

    Following on from the other, rather negative thread slagging off those who have opposed us, I think we need a counter thread to recognises individuals who have made outstanding positive contributions towards hopefully getting a new stadium. I think it is only fair that the first name on this...
  2. davebee

    Corrupt ownership debate

    Saw this video linked from another football messageboard. He has some interesting views that may strike a chord with some on here. What particularly struck me was just how...
  3. davebee


    GB rowing squad announced a couple of days ago.... Strong squad and should have a chance of medalling in a number of events.
  4. davebee

    Bees V Huddersfield Match Reports

    Well, what a belter of a game and what a way to end the season. I was in the Town end due to an arrangement with the gf whereby we sit with the home fans at each others grounds. So seeing as I am in Huddersfield, I am probably one of the first back so here goes.... 1st goal was a mistake by...
  5. davebee

    Pop up adverts

    Have noticed pop-up adverts in the bottom corner of my GPG window a few times now. Is this a new "feature" or does my computer need some cleansing?
  6. davebee

    Oldham Match reports & reactions

    I should be first back, even though I managed to get lost on thre 4mile drive home! (Made even worse by the fact I was at the B&Q right next to the ground just yesterday!!) Entertaining game on what I thought was a fairly reasonable, albeit very wet pitch. Oldhams goal was a little against the...
  7. davebee

    Reading v Villa (FA Cup)

    Anyone else watching this? Villa absolute pants in the first half and deservedly 2-0 down. 3 goals in 15 second half minutes and the tie is on its head. Very good game!
  8. davebee

    Bees Vs Stockport County Match Reports

    Am probably the first back seeing as I live only a 20minute drive from Stockports ground. Looked like a typical end of season game with nobody really outstanding. Stockport looked a bit sharper but this is probably as they have they playoffs to come whereas our season has obviously petered...
  9. davebee

    Matthew Benham GPG interview

    Could somebody advise what is happening with the Matthew Benham interview - was looking forward to reading it! Last I heard he wanted to view the transcript and was on holiday but this was several weeks ago and it all seems to have gone quiet... Appreciate that there are more pressing issues at...
  10. davebee

    Players who have gone on to bigger and better things

    Ok, this thread is about players (particularly victims of the boo boys) who have gone onwards and upwards since they left Brentford. I would start off by citing. Neil Clement Marcus Bent
  11. davebee

    Bees Vs Stockport MOM (a) 02/04/2005

    Pratley for me. Nice touches and dominated the midfield. really stood out.
  12. davebee

    Smoking ban at GP...

    On the official site. see,,10421~624230,00.html for the clubs story. Interested to see what the general concensus on the GPG is on this. Personally I would fully support a ban in one stand. note to mods. Please could you tidy the...
  13. davebee

    Stuart Nelson's kit

    Has anybody else noticed how he seems to have a different colour top every week? I wonder what he does with all the spare ones!
  14. davebee

    Clubs' Anthems

    This is possibly the wrong forum but I think it is better suited to here than world of football and other sport. Most clubs have their "anthem" and I was trying to work them out but didn't get very far. Brentford - Hey Jude Liverpool - You'll never walk alone West Ham - Im forever blowing...
  15. davebee

    Best Celebrated (Brentford) Away Goals

    This thread has been triggered by a comment PJ made on another thread that got me thinking about the wild celebrations when we scored 2 in 2 minutes against sheff weds. What are the occasions when you have gone absolutely nuts at an away game? Yesterday must rank pretty high up for me. what...
  16. davebee

    Sheff Wed match reports

    Sheffield Wednesday Match reports Living in Manchester I guess I am probably one of the first back so here goes..... First off I thought it was a prett dire performance up to the point where we scored. Passes went astray, we didn't create any pressure, any chances, and Wednesday looked very...
  17. davebee

    Money Money Money

    So we beat Bristol, that's 75k in the bank from telly + whatever gate money we made (probably not a lot given low crowd :() So how much do we stand to make from Hinckley? Probably sod all by way of gate but how much is the bbc money? Hopefully a little of this could be freed up to bring in a...
  18. davebee

    Bristol Rovers and Bristol City

    I thought the reason the we played our game against bristol city on the friday was because rovers had also been drawn at home that weekend. Yet City played their game at Ashton Gate and Rovers theirs at the Memorial ground. So why didn't both teams play their games on the saturday? (If we had...
  19. davebee

    Birmingscum V Man Utd

    At the end Man U had Rooney, Van Nistelrooy, Smith, Saha and Ronaldo all playing as strikers and they still couldn't score! :D
  20. davebee

    What's the point anymore?

    I'm going to get slated for this but **** it. At the moment I don't live anywhere near Brentford cos of Uni. In the past I have made an effort to try and go to away games in the North/Northwest region and a few big home games, plus any home games over the easter/xmas vacation. But I don't really...
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