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  1. Brickie Chap

    Cardiff Away Dec 20th

    Found us a nice quiet little boozer run by an old pal, who was always most accommodating on their frequent invasions of TW8 😂
  2. Brickie Chap

    How much invested in agents 2012/13.

    Is this £177k odd figure on twitter correct?
  3. Brickie Chap

    Deleted Posts

    Can we have a running total ?
  4. Brickie Chap

    That search thing thread for mori

    I attempted to post this, unawares it had been closed; I haven't read any of this thread but have seen it grow from afar. I have no intention of reading it either. The imagination is where I feel it's contents belong. ------------------------ Now I feel cheated. Moderators out ( mad jumping...
  5. Brickie Chap

    How Much Does it Cost to Run an Election

    As a side issue what was the financial cost when rebus threw a wobbly and resigned prior to that election? Or wasn't there one?
  6. Brickie Chap

    Is this new option going to be open to all?

    The one where if a thread turns bad for you, you are able to arrange for it to be deleted lol
  7. Brickie Chap

    Norway friendly??

    Is this correct? 13th July ??
  8. Brickie Chap

    Brickie Chap's Latest Thread Hijacking: Does anyone at BFC get Paid? (split thread)

    Is that statement correct? I thought at least one BU/BFC bod was paid a wage these days?
  9. Brickie Chap

    What could have made Saturday even better for you

    I actually missed The Bricklayers on Saturday :( It was just the sort of day or game that pub was designed for. It would have been packed solid, stupid amounts of plod outside but inside the atomsphere would have been blinding :eek:
  10. Brickie Chap

    Just looking at titles and such like

    ...and was wondering if anyone has come close to beating the record yet :D
  11. Brickie Chap

    Should Brickie Chap be banned from the GPG for life?

    Seems a number of posters* want how about a poll and I'll go with the result. Mods get to work...if you can manage this simple task :) * I'm saying posters but many on here will know its actually the secret police...yep the infamous Mod Squad and their secret forum lol...
  12. Brickie Chap

    So when do we announce that Noades (Ban Noades from GP?)

    Have been banned for life from watching Brentford at GP (or at whichever ground we class as home in the future)? I assume that either BU or BIAS have already started work on this? Or perhaps its down to The GPG to start the ball rolling...mods a poll might be needed...:cool:
  13. Brickie Chap

    Premiershite Loans: when do they arrive?

    You know the ones that Jim Levack boasted about a few weeks ago? The ones that Fitz seemed to use to impress Dickens & Co he was the right man? Arent we leaving them a little late :(
  14. Brickie Chap

    We only lost to Muff because Nana ran out of 50ps

    hang your head in shame you useless so and so :( We lost the collective will of the GPG masses...
  15. Brickie Chap

    You have received an infraction at Griffin Park Grapevine

    Stand up who else has had one of these warnings lol I'm the first :bound: :bound: :bound:
  16. Brickie Chap

    Stewards at BFC: Is this acceptable?

    Posted elsewhere on the world wide web :rolleyes: At the corner of two stands we have a little area where we can have a half time beer away from whats happening from the pitch. There is a gate between the two stands at this corner which is manned by a steward (the other side of the gate), so...
  17. Brickie Chap

    Was there a BU Board meeting Saturday

    In the Princess Royal? Shame no one told Joe Bourke were it was lol 'oh ****, I'm in the wrong pub' lol
  18. Brickie Chap

    Friendly v Hampton & Richmond

    Well, well, well,,10421~908076,00.html
  19. Brickie Chap

    Scunny v Brentford UPDATES

    Didnt even get offered a lift by my brother, yet he is taking that ginger ****** :banghead:
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