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    Wycombe Wanderers ticket worry

    :( It's Friday evening and my ticket (ordered Weds) hasn't arrived for the Wycombe game. Is anyone else waiting? What do I do if tomorrow's post still brings no ticket?
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    Martin Allen & Bees Utd

    ..and I quote "I've renewed my membership to Bees Utd for the coming year and this will be offered to all the players and staff tomorrow" Looks like someone has some faith in Bees Utd...or is MA with the silent majority?
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    Champagne Moment .v. Tranmere?

    Seeing Michael Turner sprint half the length of the pitch to celebrate with Martin Allen!
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    BBC Coverage

    Apparently Arsenal not scoring in a match with no goals is far more news worthy than the excellent goal fest at GP. Still, they need the publicity.
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    Credit where credit is due

    Accepting, as one must, that a cock up of monumental proportions was made over ticket allocations....should there not at least be the smallest amount of credit to those trying to sort out this mess. There are some things that can't be done. BFC does not possess a time machine - nobody can undo...
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    Cameron Diaz

    Is this true? surely not...
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    Idiots who try to spoil a great day...

    Perhaps one shouldn't find something to moan about after such an exciting afternoon but.... At the end of the Bournemouth game, despite the repeated pleas to keep off the pitch I guess I can understand people's desire to celebrate so; and I'm sure in my distant youth I've done the same. But...
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    How is this possible? Who is responsible? And are they having their arse kicked?
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    Are we still sacking Wally?

    After the magnificent performance against Tranmere and the commendation of the tactics after Evans's early exit...are we still sacking Wally Downes, or do the knee-jerk monkeys think he should stay now? For what it's worth, I think he's done maybe the Division's hardest job pretty damned well.
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    Fire wood

    I run a wine merchants and we need to dispose of the broken bits of wooden wine cases (lids, inserts etc...) on a fairly regular basis. It's not much good for anything but firewood but you're welcome to it. We're not talking a huge bonfire load every week, but maybe just enough to keep a small...
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    Jay Tabb....

    Just looking at Jay Tabb's write up on the Official web-site and it struck me how much he resembles Tanny Grey Thompson. Uncanny..,,10421~12218,00.html Only Smarties have the answer.
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