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    Henrik Dalsgaard - Signs to June 2021

    If the club tells supporters about these sort of things they are also telling opponents. Not sensible I think.
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    European Super League

    The other thing that the FA, UEFA and FIFA could do would be to ban any transfer to SL teams. Would then pretty soon go down the sink.
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    European Super League

    I would like to think that the club would reject the idea of the SL.
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    European Super League

    English clubs who wish to join the Super League should be told that they will be permanently banned from all FA competitions. No English players in the SL will be allowed to play for England in any internationals. Don't know if that would be restraint of trade but it would be a very long court...
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    MOM v Millwall (home) 17/4/21

    Absolutely agree with you. Norgaard was rather good in the first 20 minutes but then lost his way a bit.
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    Middlesex CCC 2021

    Another wicket. Lead 515 but only six wickets remaining. :)
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    Team v Millwall

    Same team for me as well. Dalsgaard on the bench would be very positive in my opinion,
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    The return of fans to stadiums, Pt II

    As an over 70 supporter who received my second jab today I would certainly go to semi or final game in the playoff but I still have some great hope that we will get automatic promotion.
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    Final Score Preston 0 - 5 Bees (Mbeumo, Forss, Toney, Canos, Marcondes)

    Further quote from the above source:- Behind the immense talent on the field, is a network of incredibly intelligent individuals who are experts in their fields. It isn't for everyone, but how can you not admire the work being done? When you delve into and read about what is going on behind the...
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    NEWS New Time: Millwall (H) - Sat 17 April 12:30pm

    12:30 or 17:00 kick offs would be my choice. But I hope our game is on at 12:30 as my eyes will be so full of tears after the funeral that I won't be able to watch the game properly.
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    MOM v Preston (away) (10/4//21)

    Very, very difficult decision as so many players did really well but I think I will go for Fosu,
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    Final Score Preston 0 - 5 Bees (Mbeumo, Forss, Toney, Canos, Marcondes)

    A fantastic result. If we perform like that for the rest of the season I fancy we will have automatic promotion.
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    Ollie Watkins

    Just scored against Liverpool. That is 4 v them this season.
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    Stuart Dallas

    Just scored to give Leeds a 1-0 lead at Man City.
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    Lower expectations next season

    Don't agree with you. Yes we might lose a couple of top line players but we have quite a few Brentford B players who could step up, If we don't go up this season I think we will have another chance next season.
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    "Thank You For Your Support" Email

    Top 35% but to the best of my knowledge I have only missed one game when I visited my wife who was in hospital at the time.
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    MOM v Brum (home) 6/4/21

    Pinnock for me. Good defensively and distributed the ball well and also made lots of yards bringing the ball out from the back.
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    Final Score Bees 0 - 0 Birmingham

    It is just you. I thought we played pretty well during the first half.
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    Championship Round 40 (Mon 5/4 - Tue 6/4)

    "being in the worst form ever known to a Brentford supporter". You really have to be joking about that. I've known many, many times when our form has been far worse.
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