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    Panini cheapskates do Brentford

    Suggest some legendary Bees players to be badly drawn for fake football stickers. There'll be a mug and other products to buy with a gallery of Bees players at some stage. My girlfriend has 2 mugs with players from her team on and she loves them. ....If you don't find it funny, don't worry...
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    Bristol City (H) (Sky) Weds. 3 Feb 7:45pm
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    VS Rugby away 1993

    Tweeted by the club, on this day in 1993 - VS Rugby 0 Brentford 3. A wonderful clip for those who saw, or remember, little of "Old Brentford". Not sure which was more fitting of a non-league cup away day - and one of the wettest games I've attended: the one on one for the third goal nearly...
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    Clapton CFC vs Brentford Women today

    Whilst a Bees fan first of all, I am also a member and follower of Clapton CFC, albeit one who has not attended a game for some time. I was pleased to take the opportunity to see the ladies outfits of both sides on the same pitch today. In the style of the "non-Bees games" thread from Football...
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    Fulham 2020/21

    Thread topic cleared in advance with wanderer paul. Let's play nicely and not labour the "R word" too early in the season.... Fulham haven't had a very good start to the season, have they. German football journalist and keen Fulham fan Archie Rhind-Tutt was on the Guardian football podcast on...
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    Fulham FC relegation thread

    Fulham can concentrate on the league now. How is that going? DISCLAIMER: Yes we are eating sh*t all season because they beat us when it mattered. Doesn't mean there is no pleasure to be taken from seeing the "wrong team" muck up a great opportunity again. Bees Up Fulham Down.
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    The last time we scored 5, 6, 7 +

    A few of us discussed on Tuesday night, when was the last time we'd scored five in the league. Clearly our memories are not the best as of course it happened twice last season: 5-0 home to Preston and 5-3 away to Burton. Not so long ago we won 5-1 at Huddersfield either. I'd guess I've seen us...
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    Huddersfield (a) Saturday 6th August

    Just picked up single train tickets to Leeds £23 e/w, plus £7.10 day return to Huddersfield, = £53.10. Some singles available for £14ish at less convenient times. Seems to be a better selection of trains than booking directly to Huddersfield, e.g. the 09:03 from Kings Cross is double the cost...
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    Derby v Bees, Sat 11th April, 12:15 ko (live on Sky) Hope people are on fairly early trains up there.
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    Sheffield Wednesday on Tuesday 29th March

    Cheap train tickets now available on the East Coast line out of King's Cross changing at Doncaster. Adult there and back can be had for about £20-22 if you don't mind waiting till after 8 to get the only cheap train home. No direct cheap tickets (St Pancras / London Midland) available yet -...
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    Leave someone upfield at corners!

    This is something we used to do under Wally but MA has never changed it. Why when defending a corner, even when we're at home and are in the top few of the division, do we bring 11 players back to defend a corner or free-kick? If we bring 11 back, they only have to leave 1 back as cover. If we...
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    Stockporto away FA Cup

    I just did a quick train search on thetrainline, just in case, and there seems to be nothing going on the cross country line from Reading up to Stockport/Manchester at all that day. I guess a lot of you other away travellers guys will be going via London anyway, but this is just a warning :wave:
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    7 goals in one half?

    Villa came from 3-1 down at half time to beat Wycombe 8-3 in the Carling Cup last night, do any of you stattos know of any other recent occasions when a team have scored 7 goals in a half? I know we got 6 against Cambridge in the 2nd half, back in about 1995.
  14. J Fantasy Football 2005/6?

    Anyone fancy some free fantasy football action for this coming season? If so, there seems to be a good game on . Sign up and use the code 117613-20922 to join the GPG mini-league, then use this thread to boast about your chances of success.
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    Fulham going down? 2005 edition

    16th in the league, only 2 places and 4 points from the relegation zone with 8 games to play, surely they should be watching their backs? Their run in is: 3 April 2005: Fulham v Portsmouth, 13:30 9 April 2005: Bolton v Fulham, 15:00 16 April 2005: Fulham v Man City, 15:00 19 April 2005...
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    Austria v England, Azerbaijian v Wales + other internationals today

    England game kicks off at 7.30. Wales have been held to a 1-1 draw by Azerbaijian:
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    England v West Indies 2nd Test (Edgbaston)

    England won the toss and chose to bat.
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    Fixtures are out on Thursday

    ....just a reminder. And someone usually comes up with a "leaked first days fixtures" list which turns out to be total crap, so be prepared for that.
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