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    hgv class c driver looking for work

    Hi, guys , I`ve noticed that a few people on the gpg seem to have their own businesses etc , If anyone is looking for a Class C driver I`d appreciate a message, I have a lot of driving experience both here and abroad up to 7 and a half tonners but have only just upgraded to a class C. One...
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    Bickering BAMB (Split from Fundraising Thead)

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    Wally Downes Appreciation Society

    Thank you Wally!! In the weeks leading up to this current season I like so many others viewed it with real trepidation,with such a general clear out of last seasons players and with Steve Coppel leaving this season was always going to be a struggle. Amazingly we had a fantastic start to the...
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    Thompson offer - news from the meeting Saturday (merged threads)

    News from the meeting Saturday? Bees Utd were having a meeting yesterday i.e the Thompson offer,has anyone got any news about it?
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    Reserves match

    I see it`s advertised on the official site as having live commentary tonight but it isn`t listed on the beesworld match console can someone confirm whether or not it will be broadcast please. Also is this going to be a regular thing commentating on the reserves games ?.
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    Bees World Problem

    I hope someone can help,I`ve signed up for bees world but everytime I try to access bees world through the link on the Brentford site it freezes my computer.I`ve tried going through other clubs sites e.g Swindon world and the same thing happens. I`ve got an ADSL connection USB modem 256kbps.I...
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    Wally Showing sound judgement

    Great thinking by Wally to pull Macca off just before the end so that he could receive a good ovation in response to his goal. It seems so far that Wally is exceding many peoples opinions on his capability and man management skills. Hopefully now Macca will have gained a hell of a lot of...
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    Man utd`s year?

    I went to see Man utd play at Århus last night and I`ve got to say they really looked sharp up front esp` R Van N. Giggs played in the middle for a long spell too and made some great runs. Admittedly Århus aren`t exactly the best team in Denmark and were a bit naive at times but even so I do...
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    250,00 raised so far?

    I`ve read reports today that so far there have been pledges and donations totalling approx 250,000 pounds towards the current target of 1 million. I do not want to go into a debate over the causes of our current predicament as I don`t think that any good will come out of that,however as a...
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