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    BFC Academy,,10421~2589238,00.html :sorted:
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    UEFA Financial Fair Play System

    Salary cap of 55% turnover effective in League One from this season onwards.,19528,11719_6979305,00.html
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    2011/12 League One Odds

    Now the 24 teams have been decided, most bookies have set their odds for next season. Sheffield Wednesday 5/1 Preston 6/1 Huddersfield 6/1 Sheffield United 7/1 Charlton 9/1 S****horpe 10/1 Bournemouth 14/1 MK Dons 16/1 Carlisle 25/1...
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    Scott and Bullivant Leave, Forster in as Caretaker (Now Confirmed by BFC)

    Courtesy of
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    Striker signs on season long loan

    Who could it be?
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    Poole / Wood / left side options discussion

    :confused: Grays are in the Blue Square premier league We couldn't afford to hold on to Sonko, and we luckily replaced with Sodje. We can afford to keep Poole, so why replace him with an unknown?
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    Who taught Charlie to dive? I do not wish to see such antics again :nono:
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    Justine Henin-Hardenne

    Just heard on TalkSport she's a Brentford fan.
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    Hartlepool manager leaves club mutual consent. Strange.
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    Tranmere by train

    I go to Liverpool JM University and have been going to most of the away games. Ironically, the closest team of the season is proving to be the most tricky to get to! I can't really be bothered to go to the train station tonight and ask so I thought I'd put the question to you guys :) Anyone...
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    Steven Hunt

    Any news on his fitness and availabilty for Saturday's game?
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    Brentford v Reading score?

    We played a friendly last night right? What was the score?
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    Name on back of shirt?

    Anyone know the prices for putting your name and squad number on back of replica shirt?
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    Away kit?

    Has the new away kit been announced yet? I heard it was going to be at the fun day which has already happened right? If so does anyone know a link to a picture of the new kit? Ta
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    Match highlights?

    I was a customer of the laughable itv dig service last year, and could watch highlights sunday afternoon, or v early tuesday morning on itv1. Since sky have taken the rights, i am presuming the highlights are shown there, unfortunately im not lucky enough to have such a tv service. Although, I...
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    Hate to say "I told you so"

    ...but I told you so. You all had a go at me for saying we werent going to do it in play-offs, and i was not mistaken. We can only do it in the league i'm afraid! We can always think, although everything decent about our club will go, like players and manager, as long as brentford fc exists...
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    Mark McCammon

    sure he looks like he is terrible, but, i think hes not 2 bad. against qpr he had 3 fine attempts that almost went in. and wen he has the ball he has some nice touches and runs past people. he certainly isnt doing badly in reserves. he is getting stick from fans and hopefully he can do wot lloyd...
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    Loftus Road

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    Promotion Chances

    Let's face it. We will not win the play-offs. We have been there time and time again and we will never win the final. Therefore, automatic promotion is our only hope. Looking at the table, overtaking Brighton or Reading is certainly feezable, but what about the fixtures? Stoke - draw or loss...
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    During the game, it seemed two gunshots were fired, naturally i was a bit curious, but no-one else seemed to be bothered! Anyone know what they were?
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