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    Fulham or Cardiff?

    Who would you like us to play in the final? I think I would not like it to be Fulham. We have such a good record over them over the last few years that I think we cannot keep it up.
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    Lionel Road Stadium Handover to BFC

    According to a chap working at Lionel Road the keys to the ground should be handed over to BFC in the next 10-12 days.
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    I.m sure it must be somewhere on the GPG but I can't find it. I've had my photo taken (no colours because I have not been home for 13 weeks). I can't find a link to have my photo on the banner at GP. Any help would be much appreciated
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    First shot of the goal at LR

    No idea what the H shape things behind the goal is for. Any thoughts?
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    Bees United

    I see that there are only about 300 individuals paying to Bees United (I am one of them). Is there any real reason for me to keep making these payments?
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    Hardest player in each position

    Who would you select in each position. Right wing I would go for Mark Lazarus Left back - Martin Grainger Centre back - Sam Sodje Midfield - Tommy Higginson Alan McCormack in midfield Perhaps Bobby Ross in midfield Any more thoughts?
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    Is it still April 1st?

    Amazing lot of drivel in the Daily Mail today. Go into Group administration and all players would be released from their contracts. Come out of...
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    Best ever squad

    What do people think is the best ever squad we have had for the division we were in? I think this year (assuming everybody stays) is the best squad we have ever had. In previous years I fancy the 1962-63 was the best ever but this year it is even better. I am quietly confident of a first or...
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    EFL clubs points deduction thread

    Just reported a loss of £37.5 m !! Trouble ahead.
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    Crystal Palace

    Wonder what is going on.
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    FA to sell Wembley? Might be a good idea. It will let the FA concentrate on football and not be involved in the maintenance etc of Wembley.
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    Latest FIFA proposals What a lot of rubbish. Money, money, money. Not a thought for either the players or the fans.
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    Australian Cheating at Cricket

    I wonder what punishment will be handed out for this?
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    One sided

    Ever seen an one sided defeat worse than this?:-
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    Abuse in football

    Interesting article in todays Observer Certainly higher numbers than I would have expected. It would appear that the FA are not making much effort in the matter but perhaps it is better that it left to the police.
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    Lions tour of NZ

    Squad announced:- Any thoughts? Strong squad but I'm a bit surprised that Halfpenny was selected.
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    The notification of quotes seems to have vanished on my account. Any idea why?
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    BFC Support Statistics

    25th team in England for percentage attendance :)
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    Football World Cup 2026

    There is a proposal to increase the number of finalists to 40 in 2026 I wonder how many countries would be able to host 40 teams in good conditions.
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    The next 1000 years

    I'm surprised that nobody have started an article about this so far. A guy has simulatedd Football Manager for the next 1000 years. We do quite well. I hope I see at least one of the...
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