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    Final Score Reading 1 - 3 Brentford (JDS(2), Toney)

    Just the result that was needed after a traumatic few days. Sadly lost my Dad on Sunday evening, he having supported the Bees since 1942. Aware of what was going on until the end though, he knew we had beaten Boro 4-1 on Saturday and had a good chance of going top tonight and hopefully, back...
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    What does it mean to you and supporting Brentford Football Club?

    So true. I have thought this way too for about 45 years.
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    FT: Bees 2-2 Blackburn

    We were 2-2 on 71 mins! Ollie's worldie changed the momentum 10 mins earlier and lifted the crowd. Not at our best, tricky conditions, harsh penalty conceded but I disagree we were poor for 70 mins.
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    Poor punditry /'expert' opinion comments

    He was in the Newport defence 'batteted' 6-0 by Gary Roberts & Co in '85!
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    Barnsley (H) - Ticket Arrangements TBA

    Was trying to find out when tickets were going on sale for members in my F & F group. The match wasn't listed on the 'Match Selection' page so I clicked the blue 'How to Buy Tickets' link then 'Home Games' and there it was. Does anybody know how many members there are?
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    Barnsley (H) - Ticket Arrangements TBA

    Try this link. Think you will need to log in.
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    Barnsley (H) - Ticket Arrangements TBA

    Ticket site states 4pm next Tuesday for club members. ST holders mates from 4pm Thursday 20th!
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    Tickets for Middlesbrough (incl swaps etc.)

    Just exchanged my Ealing Road ticket (+ £16) for adult + 2 junior tickets in B301 via ticket office. Showing available as of 2 minutes ago.
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    Saïd Benrahma - Signed for West Ham

    This was after the home match in March.
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    Songs that reference Griffin Park

    Dr John appears twice on the compilation album Demons in Brentford (1984), the cover of which features an old map of the area. Perhaps he visited GP during recordings?
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    Neal Maupay - (Gone to B&HA)

    My Player of the Year. Just so consistently good.
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    Biggest Comebacks

    A-Z of Bees (A Brentford Encyclopedia) published late 1997 only mentions 2 comebacks from 1-4 down - Luton away on 1/2/33, final score 5-5 (Jack Holliday scored all 5 for us) and Doncaster away on 16/10/82, final score 4-4 after Francis Joseph had been sent off (scenes, I recall). M K Dons 0-3...
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    Champagne moment V Blackburn

    Darlington at home 1986ish (from memory). 0-2 down early on then won 5-3. Doesn't quite match up to today though.
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    EFL Cup Round 3 Draw (Arsenal (A))

    Not many did as 1-4 down from the 1st leg and times of generally low crowds. I think we had a football special from Ealing Broadway so must have been a few hundred Bees.
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    EFL Cup Round 3 Draw (Arsenal (A))

    83-84 was home (1-4) and away (0-4). ISTR the 2nd leg was played in front of Anfield's lowest post war crowd, just over 9k, with the barriers on the Kop clearly visible, all apart from the very middle.
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    FT: Barnsley 2 Brentford 0

    Interesting stat. I defended DS to the hilt before last Saturday's match when it was suggested that failure to make the play offs would be an under achievement on his part as our recruitment policy was top notch. As you say, we'll never know whether having Lasse or a replacement around would...
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    Barnsley Away 28/4/18 (Free Coaches - some spaces available)

    Stupidly late but events just changed so can go today but no travel in place. If anybody is setting off from Northwood ares and has spare capacity or nearby please pm me.
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    FA Trophy & Vase Semi Finals

    Good move, it takes so long to get out of there, even with only a few hundred in. We stuck it out until the end up in Couch Corner so had the pleasure of the after match 'excitement'! To be fair, the Brackley players got a decent reception when leaving the pitch after their celebrations with...
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    FA Trophy & Vase Semi Finals

    Spotted a sprinkling of Bees fans in the 2,000 crowd. Far too many Ra Ras there for my liking though and it was kicking off after, fighting with stewards and the bar shut down. Agree, Wealdstone were well beaten on the day. Good luck to Brackley v Bromley in the final.
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    Brentford v Leeds: Sky Coverage

    Does anybody have a full copy of the TV coverage that can be copied to DVD?
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