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Scottish football at rock bottom with government, says former FM

Scottish football's relationship with government has hit "rock bottom", says former first minister Henry McLeish.

The Scottish FA announced on Monday that football outside the top two divisions of the SPFL would be suspended until February amid rising coronavirus infections in Scotland.
News of the decision broke around the time Celtic announced 13 players were isolating over a positive case.

McLeish says the Scottish government "doesn't trust" the SFA and SPFL.

"The relationships with government are rock bottom," the former Scottish Labour leader and one-time East Fife footballer told BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound.

"What have the lower leagues done to create this kind of crisis? Nobody was consulted. Chairmen of the clubs heard about this the same time it was going out to the press."

'Football at rock bottom with MSPs'

And this journalist heaps on further evidence, while eviscerating Celtic in his forensic analysis of the Dubai fiasco:
"The fallout from their trip to Dubai has seen the Scottish government, the Scottish FA and the SPFL all criticised for not taking a strong enough lead. It's true that the SPFL facilitated the trip. It's also true that when issuing a statement on Monday about the pausing of the lower leagues, the SPFL had nothing to say about the Celtic farrago. Their champion club sparking chaos in the domestic game and incurring the wrath of other teams and not a peep from the governing body of the league. Not a word of criticism, not a suggestion of an investigation. The lack of leadership would be remarkable if it wasn't so predictable."
'Celtic's lack of remorse is risible'


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Rangers are 23 points clear of Celtic in a 12 team league.

How ridiculous is that?

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