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    Halil Dervişoğlu - (June 2024 - Season Loan to FC Twente) I know the important goal as far as we are concerned has been posted ...but this longer version includes a chance for everyone to lip read the young lady in pink ..5:20 approx.
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    Halil Dervişoğlu - (June 2024 - Season Loan to FC Twente)
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    Cliff Myers - Brentford FC - RIP

    RIP Cliff. Yes the Guildford games. Cliff scored our goals in all three games .The first being abandoned when we were 1-2 down !
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    Swansea Match Report

    Not a match report I know but lots of trouble within the last hour outside the Inverness. Still 6 police vehicles there now .
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    Your First Bees Idol

    Billy Mcadams for me .
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    Roger Frude

    Didn’t Roger Frude play and score against Gibraltar in a friendly ? I saw the Gibraltar match and was at Millwall for the second replay .
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    What is a ‘Loyal’ Supporter?

    Yes I did that for Workington, Barrow, Sunderland (1967-68 I think ..F.A. cup ) and I think we did Darlington as an overnight trip too. We often went to the Bees club first and on one occasion one of our group wasn`t allowed on the coach as he was ever so slightly drunk!!. The same bloke made...
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    Dave Stringer (opinions5u) RIP

    Awful news ...R.I.P. Dave
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    Richard Murton - Rancho Mirage Bee RIP

    RIP Richard
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving :thumbs:
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    Bees v Middlesbrough - 1964 Match.

    I saw both the Middlesbrough and the Oxford games ....huge crowd at Oxford replay and about 16,000 for the Boro game. I think we played in navy blue shirts and white shorts against Middlesbrough ,the same kit we wore at Sunderland one year in the cup (67?) ,I was there too!
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    Our best players won't agree new contracts ?

    They come ,they go...If they wish to leave ,for whatever reason , so be it...bye!,and in some cases ,thank you!.................I can`t wait for Rotherham.
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    Fans' Forum Thurs 24 Sept 6:30pm

    The bloke with the Warburton question annoyed me..... (ex city trader Warbs not interested in a more statistical approach, .yeah OK......couldn`t have had something already lined up could he?..)....The QPR bloke Devlin impressed me again. We cannot outspend other teams ,we need to outhink them...
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    BFC Academy

    On the bright side ,the u18s are 3 points clear at the top of the table......and equally as good QPR u18s lost their last match 9-0 at Charlton and are bottom..rofl
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