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    Champagne Moment Stoke at home

    I'm with Nick. When "Lights Out" tucked home what we all knew would be the winner. Moments later, hearing Swansong had gone 2-1 down was pretty good too.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Don't think so - especially Colin.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Mick speaks very highly of the current Bees team and I've generally always liked him UNTIL that day at Ipswich when his Ipswich team went out todo a job on Judgey and then his ridiculous post match press comments!!
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    RIP Fife Bee

    Such sad news. My condolences.
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    QPR v Bees predictions...

    A long overdue clean sheet with a defence focussed and bang up for this one. A masterful display from the midfield with Jensen back starting and pulling the strings. A front 3 taking their chances to devastating affect. A few nerves calmed by the look of things Oppo 0 Bees 3 (Toney 2, Canos) ;)
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    The 2021 GPG Supercomputer (after Stoke(H))

    And they win the Bundesliga nearly every season!!
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    QPR (A) Weds 17 Feb 7pm KO. Live on Sky Red Button.

    Be patient CT I'm sure this game is absolutely buckshee if you are a ST holder for The New Griffin Park (and selected Option 1 on the Club's various offers)
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    Birmingham City replacing Academy with 'B' (and 'C') team

    Given the "strength" and "quality" of their first team squad, what sort of level would the C squad be??? Fixing up a pre-season tour of the Hayes & District League?
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    QPR (A) Weds 17 Feb 7pm KO. Live on Sky Red Button.

    isn't iFollow buckshee for ST holders as it's a midweek away game?
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    Remember where you were the day the Bees went top.

    The tone of this thread has changed
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    Champagne Moment Reading (A)

    I see Josh Da Silva is currently batting for the West Indies in Bangladesh (currently 10 not out). What a sportsman!!
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    Champagne Moment Reading (A)

    It sparked a one man conga here Nick
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    Champagne Moment Reading (A)

    Wibs getting a new bike. Fair play fella.
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    Champagne Moment Reading (A)

    2-1 up. Time running out. We're still pressing for a third. Another Bees attack ends with a Reading goal kick and several Bees players sprint back like someone had pressed the fast forward button to get back in position. These boys are simply different class!!
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