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    Disappearing footballers

    Sonny Pike
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    Wolves vs Brentford Top, Top Champagne Moment

    There may be better individuals, but I will stick my neck out and say that collectively they are the best back 3 in the country.
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    B team Fixtures 2021-22

    Probably the “B” B team for this, as I imagine some of the lads will get a game on Tuesday. I’ll still have a stroll down to watch.
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    Ivan Toney

    He is the anti-Bamford.
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    Rico Henry

    It seems unclear as to which game he was watching.
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    Mads Roerslev Rasmussen

    Rico has played Traore before.
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    Stuart Dallas (Leeds United)

    It’s going to be a long season for Leeds.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Bigger boys maybe. I wouldn’t credit Wolves with being big.
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    Shandon Baptiste

    Good question. Hopefully Oldham.
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    Final Score Wolves 0 - 2 Bees (Toney (p), Mbeumo)

    We will be in an extra section, after the late film.
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    There is a stall in the rapidly decaying Pavillions centre in Uxbridge that does excellent samosas. The only thing I miss about the whole awful time I was sent there for work.
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    Attending All 38 Matches This Season

    I suspect Judio1999 has saved my house.
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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    How was that not a penalty?
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    Attending All 38 Matches This Season

    I’m sure I’m not the only one in the b***ocks camp.
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