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    Famous Bees Supporters

    Many things struck me while watching QT tonight, mostly things I already knew as truths; - Party politics is the main blocker of decent Government, - The dumbing down of humanity is possibly now most pronounced and endemic within the ruling establishment. - There is nobody in either main party...
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    It’s like a small one, but with more mess.
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    I’m not sure what purpose this thread serves. It may as well close, and re-open on his decision with a huge circle jerk, or a Jim Jones style mass suicide.
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    The Royal Oak

    It’s a constant comfort to me that however crap life gets, at least I can say that I stood on that terrace.
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    Neal Maupay (Brighton & HA)

    Don’t spoil it for me. We’d have the sh*t- housiest strike pairing in the world.
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    Neal Maupay (Brighton & HA)

    I love Bryan, but think how many of his chances Neal would have scored playing off of Ivan last season.
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    Suggestion Said Benhrama (WHU AM)

    Get him and Neal back. I’m almost tearful at the thought.
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    Saudi funded Golf Super League

    The PDC has taken the standard of darts to ridiculous levels.
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    Nico Yennaris (Beijing Sinobo Guoan FC)

    We had their trousers and pants down there
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    All But Signed, B Team Yehor Yarmolyuk (SC Dnipro Midfielder)

    Without wanting to sound negative, If you are good enough, you are old enough. I really don’t see what benefit there is for these type of players joining our B team. He might get 10 minutes against a doomed Forest next season and take a row on “the board”.
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    Toumani Diagouraga (Rochdale)

    Nothing but good wishes from me. Probably in my top 20 all time Bees.
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    It’s the kind of freedom you just don’t get with other holidays.
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    Im loving the Spartacus Mills picture
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