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  • Thanks- that fits with the Sun story about us dropping our price expectation which only makes sense as coming from someone who has an interest in doing that.
    I have inside info from a senior contact at the club who cannot publish what they would like but happy for certain issues to be raised without breaking any confidences on GPG.

    Neal has had his head turned and keen to play in the Premier League that the club fully understand and have made clear that if an acceptable offer comes in we will accept.
    His agent knowing no bids anywhere near our value is now trying to force the club to reduce the fee and and citing we have over priced his player to stop him leaving. Nothing has changed but as of yet the bidding war hasn’t opened up as only two derisory opening bids from Villa and Sheff Utd. There is other interest and enquiries but no other firm bids as of Saturday morning.

    Please don’t repeat but this is not opinion but fact.


    Sean A
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